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Agrokinesis(or Botanokinesis/Chlorokinesis) is the ability to mentally manipulate plant-life, as well as their anatomy such as leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers with the mind. This ability in effect controls the limiting factors of plants, hormones and other important substances. 

Gather the Energy From a Tree

This technique is supposed to be used just for fun. Sit below or touch the tree, sense its energy and feel for it. Then visualize the energy passing through your body and breathe as if you are meditating.

Plant Manipulation

Like the tech above start by sitting near or touching the plant. Sense the energy and really feel for it. Visualize the energy of the tree going and flowing around your body so that you bond with it. Then think, that's probably the simplest thing to do. Think of what you want the plant to do and you can visualize it doing so. Learn and study botany to learn what you want to control and think of it.

Plants n' stuff
Name Agrokinesis
Other Names Botanokinesis
Type Kinetic Ability
Sub-abilities None
Uses To control and manipulate living plants

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