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Plants n' stuff
Name Agrokinesis
Other Names Botanokinesis
Type Kinetic Ability
Sub-abilities None
Uses To control and manipulate living plants

Agrokinesis or Phyllokinesis is the anomalous ability to mentally manipulate plant-life including wood, vines, plants, moss, and (for practical reasons) fungus, as well as parts of the plants, such as leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers with the mind. 


This is a really great skill to have as it lets you send thoughts to humans or any other type of living thing. In that way, you could learn to control animals or clouds, though cloud control is more under the category of Atmokinesis. All you need to do is flash an image in your mind of who or what you are sending the thought to before you think it and again after you finish it. It would go like this: [Image of sender] (message) [Image of sender]; for example, [Image of willow tree] (Hi) [Image of willow tree]. Easy right? Truthfully, it is, but it can be hard if you cant see the object of your thought projection. Try this: find a plant outside (plants are more willing to talk outside as they are happier beings) and repeat this process. You can do this with closed eyes, but it's easier to do it open-eyed as you can describe it in more detail if you are seeing it personally. If you decide to do it closed-eyed, think about it in the most excrutiating detail as possible because the more detailed the image, the stronger the message. It is reccommended to send your plant a message like "I am starting Agrokinesis. If you recieve this message, send me the word "yes"' or something along these lines. Remember to be polite. For future reference, Agrokinesis will be represented in between [brackets]. If you get any type of result from the plant, then congratulations, you are on the guides of becoming a Agrokinetic user! If you need a plant for training, using the first plant you spoke to will work well as you developed a bond with it because it experienced the first burst of agrokinesis you ever used. Once you can do this easily, move on to the skills below.


This technique is supposed to be used just for fun. Place your hand gently on a tree and visualize it's energy going into your body. It may make you feel a little funny at first but if done correctly it can give you some spiritual energy.


Close your eyes and visualize a river from a tree (or any other plant/flower/bush/etc.) flowing to your dan tien merging with it (This is absorning plants/trees/etc. Energy but i'm just going to say plant[s] energy). Or visualize roots from your body connecting with a tree's or plant's roots. Then visualize the energy flowing through the roots, to your roots, into your body merging with the dan tien. Ask the plant or tree for permission first.


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