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Name Biokinesis
Other Names Body Alterations, Direct Mental Interactions with Living Systems
Type Psychokinesis
Pre-abilities Telekinesis
Sub-abilities Shapeshifting
Uses The mental ability to alter the genetic/DNA structure and body functions of oneself and/or others.

Biokinesis is the ability to alter the DNA (deoxyribo nucleic acid) structure and body functions of oneself and/or others. A biokinetic can alter a person's DNA, and even alter another living creature's genetic code. A biokinetic can alter his or her own body as well. However, making an error can have huge negative side effects.  

NOTE: This ability is NOT a shortcut to gaining abilities nor is it a way to become a superhuman. You also CANNOT reconstruct your body to gain the anatomy of other animals like wings and cat ears etc. 


The user must be completely relaxed for it to work. With this ability, one can control life on a cellular level, including but not limited to, genetic alterations,advancing or declining biological healing, increasing physiological and psychological maturity and physical distortion and/or augmentations of biological and or mental functions. Immortality in theory may be possible to achieve, but it has not been accomplished.

The process of biokinesis may vary in time depending on what you try to achieve and how long you want it to last.


 Let's Get Started

Technique 1

  1. Meditate for at least 30 minutes to begin with. Once you've reached a meditative state of relaxation, start letting your psi flow through you.
  2. Create a small needle of energy in your body. Make it very thin and sharp. Now visualize your genes flowing through your body in small tubes. Tell the needle in your mind its purpose and what it is you want to change in your genes (you may also want to add energy to the outside of the needle to shield it/make it stronger).
  3. Use willpower (mental strength) to send the needle of psi piercing into the gene stream. It's important to cover the hole you made with psi, otherwise the change you are trying to achieve will not work. Once the needle is in, let it form back into a small mass of psi and drift into your genes until it dissolves.
  4. Wake up from meditation and keep this thought in your mind: "I am: (what you wanted to change)", in your head all day. Keep up that thought process and by the whole week, your body will change. Be very careful, this should be used by a ki or psi user who are practitioners of energy manipulation.

Changing Eye Color

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This can be dangerous if you do not be careful enough using it or if you quit practicing the procedure between the times you begin it and finish it. This is used for purposes specified by the user, such as change the color to appreciate oneself more.

Step 1: Try to attempt this practice just before you enter a state of sleep. Lay down on a soft surface and relax, focusing on the nothingness that lies behind your closed eyes.

Step 2: Once the body is relaxed, visualize the body with its eyes closed. Visualize the body in your mind opening its eyes and closely watch the eye color slowly change. Focus deeply on the shade and color of the eye.

Step 3: Visualize the body with the differently colored eyes walking into yourself, being absorbed by you. Visualize yourself opening your eyes and seeing yourself in a mirror. In the mirror, see your eye color as the desired color.

Step 4: Bring yourself back to consciousness. Reflect on what you did and focus on how it is going to change you. If you did the exercise right you will probably be able to tell. When I do something right or near right, I get the same feeling I do when I pool psi, but sometimes a stronger feeling.

Try to repeat this process night after night for about a month. When you look into a real mirror, visualize and try to see your eye color as the desired eye color. Try to convince yourself that your eyes are in fact that desired color. When looking in a real mirror, for example, you could convincingly say to yourself something like, Wow, check it out! My eyes are completely changing color! For an even more convincing effect, you could even say it to your friends. If you have experienced a month with very little to no change, your eyes can drastically start to change. Its sort of a mind trick. After tricking yourself for so long, your mind will see a drastic change, and you have completed the exercise.

Sleep Method (Extremely Easy Method)

  1. Download a program that will enable you to record affirmations. Audacity is very good program.
  2. When you record use affirmations like "My eye color is now _________", "All the beliefs that prevent me from my eyes becoming _______ are now completely removed from my subconscious mind, "My Subconscious Mind is rapidly changing my eye color ______".
  3. Have the recording play all night, on repeat, while you sleep. You could either have it spoken to through a speaker (make sure the speaker is close to you or at least under your pillow) or through headphones.

This method can also be used for other biokinetic changes you want to make like hair color, face shape, strength, endurance, Ear type, etc. Be Creative.

Note: Method is extremely easy because while you are asleep your conscious mind is basically shut down and is unable to filter out the affirmations so this leaves your subconscious completely vulnerable and exposed them.

You will need to this for at least a few weeks to a month to notice major results

And if you don't have an mp3 recorder then you could also repeat to yourself your desired affirmations as you drift off to sleep. you'll know it reached your subconscious if you have a dream about, Don't worry if you didn't though. Just stay persistent.


Biokinesis is NOT to be used as a means to avoid having to work out or diet, you still need to have a good exercise and diet. Biokinesis can be used as a "Catalyst" for changes you want but, it's up to you to make the choices to induce said changes. Use these skills responsibly or don't use them at all.


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