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    Project: Plagiarism Pyre

    October 30, 2014 by TheAdfeng

    I have noticed throughout my time here that mutliple pages have been plagiarized.  Plagiarism is defined as "the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own", via Google.  Sources are not cited and blocks of text are copied and pasted from websites and nowhere are they mentioned where they are from.

    Plagiarism also occurs when you take a source and change a few words.  Sure, it's a little different, but you didn't do anything besides take out a word or rephrase it!  You still have to credit your source.  It wasn't your idea.  You didn't come up with it.  If you did this at college or a university, you would be expelled and it would go on your record forever.  If you look at "Aerokinesis", the second and t…

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    Before you start on journey for occult, please read very careful. Once again, read very careful like a woman. Just kidding... It's important to read extremely careful!

    The Ignorance
    The ignorance is ours nature that we possess this much like talents, skills and such... It's very useful to be or not to be an ignorant just in case.

    Half people claim ignorance is the strength... As much as I gave all of myself to find better evidences about this, I found just more and less. All I can say that being an ignorant is pretty normal. Everyone has got this but they're not supposed to abuse this ignorance...

    An example:
    First, I'm an apatheist (practically atheist)... I'm talking to priest that god does not exist. Priest calls me an ignorant but I will c…

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    People Wanted! "Gaming"

    October 28, 2014 by Meurlorg

    Hello fellow members I am here to tell you of a game I have recently discovered called "ArcheAge" . I would like to make a potential meet up center outside of external means within the game were we can participate in various activity offered while interacting with people of similar interest..... This does not just have to be a single game but various others using "Psi Wikia" as a indirect base of operation to meet new people and at the same time possibly advertise the website or the idea inherent within it....

    What do you guys think of this idea also I may or may not start playing the game if I find enough people here, if you are interested leave a post or message me and if enough people are interested we can try and make this work also ope…

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    Hi, I'm Kile (or Virgo, or Pineapple ) and I operate on a simple law of the world, however my beliefs may differ from the norm. I believe everything has a price, and that price is more often than not paid. Every 'gift' every talent every trump card anyone in existence has, has a price. Something they knowingly or not sacrificed to get it. My belief extends to physical disabilities similar to how the senses when one is less efficient than the others. One thing is lacking so the others perform better the account for the loss. Just because someone cannot walk does not mean they are weaker, but rather better than you in some different area. Perhaps they are stronger in their arms than you, or smarter than you, more cunning. In some way they wi…

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    Things are happening!

    October 18, 2014 by PsykJames

    Hey just wanted to tell you that things are happening I am working on Jing. Jing is essential energy and what separates it from other energies is just that. PSI and KI/Chi exist in everything but Jing is ESSENTIAL. That's why if you destroy the Jing in a physical object it breaks. When you crush it's Jing it gets crushed to because it is the very ESSENCE of it. That's why Jing is so destrucive. Jing cannot simply be body fluids because it is found in everything. Thats why we have Nung Jing (The essential energy of ice/coldness) Electrical Jing (essence of electrical energy itself) and so on. None of these are body fluids which is why it cannot simply be blood flow or internal fluid.

    I'm gonna revise my Jing blog and re-present it. Just want…

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    Side effects

    October 16, 2014 by Meurlorg

    It been a while since I made a blog in here.....

    I guess I should start with what has been happening to me as of late, I have been experiencing strange

    symptoms as of late, for example I would consciously write, type etc... a word or a sentence even a phrase

    and when I finally observe the finished product I had wrote it would have changed drastically, sometimes

    the thing I write, type etc.. would be better written or closer to what I wanted to depict but completely different to what I had consciously chosen to write or it would be completely alien gibberish to me although it occur randomly without my consent.

    Any information that could possibly alleviate the symptoms will be appreciated. Read more >
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    October 15, 2014 by Sinith

    Nope. Using materialistic physicalism when trying to explain or debate psionics is stupid and makes you look silly.

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    Dr Time

    Augmentation Enchantment

    October 13, 2014 by Dr Time

    Okay so you might be thinking "What is an Augementation Enchantment?" So i'll tell you

    Augmentation: An augmenation is to make something stronger, wikipedia says: Augmentation - the action or process of making or becoming greater in size or amount.

    Enchantment: An enchantment is to do with magic, usually talking about being under a spell but in this case it means giving an ordinary object magical properties

    So my augmentation enchantment is to give a piece of jewellery the ability to strengthen the wearers abilities, it augments all the abilities of the wearer and it strengthens them three-fold, if you are intersted in it ever speak to me about it on PM, or email me using:

    Although I will need a picture of the piece of …

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    Dr Time


    October 13, 2014 by Dr Time

    okay, so after a long time debating whether or not to add this i decided to so here:

    I heard about glamouring, which is apparently a magic ability which changes how you appear to others, either a little bit like hiding a spot or something bigger like changing your hair colour; this is an illusion, so it's not Biokinesis or something like that, is this an actual ability? Or do you do it through a ritual or spell? And is there anyone here that does it?

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    Sorry guys (if u actually care), but I am leaving.

    I am confirming this 95%, and may come back if someone wants me to (which I find unlikely)

    The one point of the site is to learn psionics, which I did not come back to do; I came back because I had a desire to become a mod here.

    I had this desire because I regretted being previously demoted, and felt (I still do feel this way now) that I was qualified to do. At this point nobody else believes this.

    Plus, I was barely on (I would've been on more as a mod, but still...).

    Therefore, I am leaving, and perhaps permanently as well, unless someone asks me to come back (which is again, unlikely).

    If you want to talk at all about anything, add me on skype: themasterepic

    Thank you for reading (if you did),…

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