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  • Jason1stlegion

    This is just a short list of recommended pages about psi, feel free to put more in comments.

    •    The second psi site I've visited that had good info; a lot of it!
    •    Basic EM, psiball, basic empathy and telepathy
    •    A society of magicians (psi-/chi-/ki-/etc. users)
    •    A forum (obviously!)
    •    Less structured than this site, but a few gems for beginners if you have the time to look for them
    •    The beginner pages are good, though I haven't looked at the advanced pages yet

    This is BY NO MEANS a complete list, but there are some good starting points.

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  • TheMasterBeliever

    Alright just to make it clear to all of you I am leaving Psi Wiki and never coming back EVER!!!!! It has been a wild ride and due to the long hiatus it's time for me to go. This is the end of the road for me since I have my own life now and it's better just to move on from something that I have spent so much time on plus I feel this needs closure. I'll still be on the internet no worry about that but not on any online energy community sites since all I have been seeing is fluff and BS. No matter how many generations has come it will always be the same thing all over again. 

    Before I leave let me tell you a story of how things were before....

    Back then in May 2012 this site was rescued by Dragon511 and Jetblackrlsh. Things were just completel…

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  • Andalite1212

    Some of the items listed below are meant to be metaphoric while others are literally true, you’ll have to decide for yourself which one is which?   I can assure you that all of these sentences have a story behind their meaning, none are simple in the eye of the wise..

    The following list was not copied from anyone and represents some of my personal beliefs & lessons learned over the years..Enjoy!

    The number 13 is REALLY one of the most powerful (sacred) numbers in the Universe. (and Lucky)

    There are actually more than 12 signs to the Zodiac, at least 13 exist, maybe even 14! Minneapolis astronomer has created shock waves on the internet by suggesting the signs of the zodiac are all wrong‘.

    The secret to the universe is the SPIRAL, I won’t say m…

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  • Andalite1212

    Smudging is a North American Native tradition, which can be used to cleanse away negative influences from you, another person, or an object or area. Smudging is a sacred ceremony dating back hundreds of years and was often used in preparation for vision quests, sweat lodge rituals, other rituals and ceremonies.

    Smudging can be used to shield you as well as providing a grounding influence. Its prime purpose though is to clear away negativity and to protect.

    It is possible to buy ready made smudging bundles of herbs and these are great to use and are very traditional in their approach. White sage is very traditional but other herbs more suitable to your purpose can be used if necessary. But if you burn the herbs in a shell you can actually dra…

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  • Arro Yunora

    Hi peoples.

    This is a little experiment I thilk i'll be working on for the next few months, and that is Discussions all revolving around the specific topic in Extrasensory Perception. Why ESP specifically? Lemme give a lil intro of myself.

    Been around psionics for awhile, nothing really impressive has happened to me. I was interested in kinetics not too long ago, but with the lack of content i'd like to agree on the interest sort of died. So instead I decided to work on things more... I dunno acceptable? Yea i'm not all that interesting beyond that, lol.

    The idea for this blog is simply to discuss personal understandings on what the ability of choice is, how it's done, and if any progress can be made within the week. Why a week? Only to get t…

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  • Smashman0

    Throughout my time in the otherkin/magick/psionics community, something that comes up a lot is scanning. People will sometimes argue about how this works. They'll say that reading isn't possible over a picture or over the internet, but how do we all know? Have all of us tried? Are some of those people just unable to accept others with a stronger ability to scan? Or is it some other reason that my mind currently can't explain in a coherent manner? This blog post is about what I think about the topic.

    Sometimes you'll hear that otherkin can't be read by others. People in my facebook groups sometimes will post a pic for a kin reading game, and although some may make it a guessing game, there are some that have actually read them and get them r…

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  • TheAdfeng

    Consider this a prelude to my technique guide that I posted, which you can find here: Adfeng's Technique Stash

    This was originally posted on my website, ShiftedPerspectives.  Please contact me if you wish to redistribute.  The original link is here:,2849.msg26052.html#msg26052

    A Brief Introduction to Energy Work

    It seems necessary that if one wishes to practice psionics (referred to henceforth as “energy work”), they must also understand the inner workings of such a practice.  It is my goal to describe what energy is, where it comes from, what can be done with it, along with many other questions.  This article is a small summary of years I have researched and practiced.

    Energy – The Names


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  • Ahmedrashwan

    Astral Creatures .... Do they really exsist like ethric one ?

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  • Abaddon-of-imperium

    Emmidiate disclaimer. This may not work on everyone but is how I do this Telekinesis thing.

    1. Gather energy into myself. I do this until I feel like I have enough or in extreme excersise I charge until I am full to the brim.

    2. Gather energy into my cupped hands.(you can gather energy where ever you want to.) The reason for gathering energy in my hands is to have a ready source of energy under my control to use. (I never really got the psi ball down so its just a glub of more or less leaking energy.)

    3. Be certain of what my intention is and what I want to do. This part I personnally go through due to my double sided mind. So if you already absolutly sure of what you want to do then skip this.

    4. Think about the atomic function of the item th…

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  • Abaddon-of-imperium

    I have been practicing Telekinesis for over a year now and learned many things among them were how to use Telekinesis as I have viewed it as a mucsle. (the ideal to compare it like that was from the movie Chronicles.) 

     The way I see it is that we each have a set limit to what we can do. Example is one can start TK by ony turning a paper stuck on a needle, than with much training can move a pen back and forth with little effort. Although no matter how much training one would never be able to move a thirty pound weight around.(this is an example if you can move a thirty pound weight I then ask you to document it as furthering the evidence of PK.)

    As one would learn this ability it as any other muscle would be very hard to learn how to use. Un…

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