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  • Arro Yunora

    The ES P's and Q's returns.

    My goal for this week and the next consecutive 6 weeks that follow in no particular time restraint is to learn Chakra's.

    I know that chakra doesn't technically count as as an ESP but that can be argued, and even if I am wrong I don't care. I feel like learning the in's and out's of every chakra on a conscious level. I want to be able to know if I am wrong or not.

    Most people understand that energies can be learned in a matter of minutes depending on how advanced you are, and that spending a week on developing one specific energy and controlling it is a waste.  My answer to that is

    No fughs given.

    MULADHARA CHAKRA: The red (Root) Chakra.

    My goal is to understand and list specific points of interests that I recieve from a…

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  • Cherryskate

    Flare up you Psi Ball

    October 2, 2016 by Cherryskate


    I have a quastion . How can i flare up my Psi Ball ? 

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  • Katoptorkinesis Master!

    Hello everyone Im here with a new psychokinesis techinque Ive developt called Imagokinesis. Its the ability to move a reflection of an object. Whether it be from a mirror, window or polished metals.. etc. Its similar to Umbrakinesis. Now this move will be officially posted on October 2016 in my friend and mentors website. Here is a video I would like to share a video of my improvements thanks.

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  • NiddHogg

    so what i plan to do is list some experiments to test various Psionic abilities That You...yeah You person reading this article, can do AT HOME!!

    Warning this is a work in progress post


    The best way to test this ability i believe, is to try and effect the growth of plants.

    So yeah you will need

    3 seeds of the same plant

    3 pots for the seeds same size, shape and material

    A measuring stick

    Something to water the plants with


    A bag of fertilizer/soil with enough for all three

    Now what you are going to do is plant all seeds in their own pot, about 1-3 inches deep in the soil, its important for them all to use the same soil and get the same amount of water and sunlight each day.

    Now one plant will be special this plant will be treated with ps…

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  • Alchemist 8

    MVO Abstract IRL

    September 5, 2016 by Alchemist 8

    I'm not quite sure how to blog and I haven't exactly done a blog before. The most I've gone was setting out to blog but then not knowing what an actual blog should look like and then eventually steer off the initial subject. This time I will pour a bit of what I know so that my friends may know something about me. Nothing really in particular just on some days I will talk about this, and then another day that, and then this, that, etc. 

    Mon, Sept 5th, 2016 - 

    So I'm this athlete who likes to dream big. Big enough to the point where people have literally called me crazy or not all up there over it. I have these goals and without me trying my best to achieve them I feel like, what's the point of living? I really feel that way. What's the point…

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  • Arro Yunora

    Does Psionics exist?

    August 30, 2016 by Arro Yunora

    You know now that I think about it i'm probably not the best person to make this a blog, since my answer differs adversely to what many members here would like to say. But this really isn't just about the actual answer to the question, else i'd just put it into the Q/A.

    I want to address a common question many people ask when joining the site, or like myself would just like to know due to issues with our own experience. Its a question that should be so simple to answer! I mean, how can a community of psionics not know what should be the simpliest question on the site!

    Does Psionics exist?

    ...Well does it?

    From what I understand about psionics the answer will always be either a yes or a no, without a solid answer taken over by the majority of u…

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  • Mozaq

    Adrenal Activation?

    August 15, 2016 by Mozaq

    The reason for this blog is something I've been wondering about for a long while. Starting from the beginning, the substance of adrenaline is secreted by the adrenal glands near our kidneys. The general effects of this substance are: faster and stronger heartbeat, dilating the pupils in our eyes, increasing the vision and detail of our eyes and also slowing down our perception of time. I read somewhere on a thyroid medical forum of people that claimed to be able to control this substance. While they weren't particularly the best at describing how to activate and use this ability I got the hang of it. Years later I stumble into the world of psionics and after a while I realized that this adrenal activation ability (which they called pulsing…

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  • Mozaq


    August 11, 2016 by Mozaq

    Sex, and specifically the orgasm, is more that just something that feels good and allows procreation. There are many other functions, such as the release of dysfunctional energy within the body, which can help to keep one from becoming diseased. There is the function that opens the higher chakras, and under the right conditions allows a person to begin the process of enlightenment. And further, if two people, lovers, practice sacred sex, the entire experience can lead them together into higher consciousness and into worlds beyond this plane.

    In relationships, a simple sexual principle, as taught by the ancient Egyptians, can change the energy level within your body and help to bring strength and vitality into your bodies and your relationsh…

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  • Thepsychicwidget

    Prophetic dreaming refers to gaining psychic information about the future, typically your own future, through dreaming and sleep. Psychic dreaming refers to gaining any psychic information through dreams and sleep (including prophetic dreaming). This is not the same thing as dream interpretation of dreams that don't use psychic abilities, such as uncovering what's in your unconscious or what's going through your mind at the current moment. This includes things that you shouldn't and wouldn't know without ESP. However, if you're not sure if it's psychic abilities or something you somehow caught onto in the back of your mind that you weren't consciously aware about, don't get caught up in labels.



    Prophetic Dreaming

    Other Names

    Psychic Drea…

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  • Thepsychicwidget
    • Add at least 20 "edits" each week. This counts comments and blog posts.
    • Add at least one blog post that contributes to the content of the wiki each week.
    • Mention the wiki to outsiders at all oppurtunities.
    • Seek out at least once a week to find new areas where you can spread awareness about the wiki.
    • ASK ALL QUESTIONS ABOUT THE METAPHYSICAL HERE - It adds to our content, and if you wish to ask somewhere else, that's fine, but then come on the wiki and make a blog post that gives your Q and A and credit who gave you the answers.
    • Don't discourage others or get into fights: There's only a couple of us here, and we don't want to lose a valuable member. We need to stay as open-minded as possible, and if we get confused about something, we figure thin…
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