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    the truth about jing

    September 26, 2014 by Ahmedrashwan

    Hi all ..another post without interdiction...lets make this direct and short

    the truth about jing..when we saying "jing" in psionic site we mean about energy..jing words means alot of things like left..Chinese medicine..and etc
    some ppl saying the jing it's energy having physical effect by dense energy in bones..well (sry) that's not true
    jing it's energy used in marital arts Dim mak (art that focus the hits on energy points..make target faint on ground or worse..death) however..generate jing (or fa jing ) it's not easy like 1- dense energy 2-blablablabla etc it's need many roots practicing and meditations and be more clearly..jing or fa jing in martial art means inertial or inner force's like push someone about meter… Read more >
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    Dr Time

    I want to get better at both abilities so I wanted help with it, all I need is video's of people doing things ike parkour moves, martial arts moves or gymnastics moves or video's of dialect coaches or people talking in a different accent, so I can learn how to do it, thanks for your help.

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    Weekly changed blog

    September 23, 2014 by SuperEliteJordan

    OK this is a blog I made to act lime a weekly tip and skills blog and mabye newsletter or idea list.

    Today's tip:meditatio:music without lyrics goes along way.

    Here's some ideas I had before but I feel were forgotten due to the staff shuffle 

    1: weekly Energy spar match ups(1 v1 only 2 people ) 

    2:monthly spar tournament (1v1 tournament with like 6-10 people)

    3: revive the monthly member

    4: lower-class large team of users to take out fluff(horsey's idea)

    5: this newspaper

    6:a currency like on psionnation

    7: new site name(on the site evolution advanced)

    Comeback next week for a new blog :V

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    September 21, 2014 by PsykJames

     Jing is one of the many types of energy in the universe. Jing is a very powerful physical energy and is stronger than Ki/Chi or PSI and can damage things even if a small amount is used. As humans we constantly leak Jing however it is possible to aquire more through training. Jing is also linked to the physical body's well being.

    There are many types of Jing that exist. The different types of Jing can be used for several purposes based on which is used. Some Jing originates from different Elements like Nung Jing which originates from ice and is literally cold.

    Fa Jing (Explosive Jing)

    Heavy/Rooted/Sinking Jing (Chen Jing)

    Peng Jing

    Absorbing Jing

    Electrical Jing

    Magnetic Jing

    Ting Jing (Listening Jing)

    Empty Force (Kong Jing)

    Following Jing (Tzo Jin…

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    I've been hearing about these "indingo children" or some such for a while now and I heard of some pyschic army makers so I have one thing to say: WT* is this stuff?

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    Squid Larry

    Got Powers?

    September 17, 2014 by Squid Larry

    anybody here claim to have some of these powers? very interested.

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    Arro Yunora

    Good Evening Class...

    September 17, 2014 by Arro Yunora

    I will make this short, direct... and deliciously sweet to avoid as much attention as possible.

    Good evening classmates... I am looking forward to assisting, progressing, and working with you all once more.

    I have returned, and am very excited to hear of all that has gone on during my absence!

    Have a nice day.

    -The Heretic, a.k.a Arro Yunora.

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    Ok so I was bored so I typed in to google how to suppress psychic abilities. After reading a bunch of crap about elite people making armies of psychics,alien abductions,being born effecting ur potential abilities etc OI found something that said drugs suppress psychic abilities by killing your focus. I'm not asking people to shoot up. I'm just asking is this true?

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    What's with the chat?

    September 13, 2014 by PsykJames

    I get on the chat. It shows no members and my messages won't appear. What's going on? Also I heard that the Evo advanced community switch failed. What happened? Not that I'm complaining.

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    Technokinesis Theory

    September 13, 2014 by Teaven

    So, I have a theory that TV and music and things travel with radio waves correct? So technically one could create a technique and be watching TV in there mind or listening to music through radio waves. I think this could be possible if you practice often enough (Like with all kinetic abilities) Comment what you think please.

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