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    for gods sake!

    August 26, 2014 by Jonas.g

    ok so its been a while since ive been on the site and all i wanted to say is why? just why? why are you guys complaining about people wanting to have superpowers and be like the mutants from x-men. clearly how you guys write these techniques is kinda like a superhero learning how to become a superhero. so you guys are the only ones to blame here. at least put some sorta of warning on the site before complaining ok. btw this is my last blog ever after seeing how far the site has fallen from its potential. my last words to this site is "what a good a job you did".

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    August 25, 2014 by Dragon511

    Welcome all! I am starting the nominations for the new Bureaucrat position, if it ends up needing to be filled. Please note that if Truely Unknown remains in the position, these nominations will be void.

    For those of you who don't know, the Bureaucrat (often called B-crat for short) has the ability to appoint users to the position of Admin, Chat Moderator, Rollback and Bureacrat.

    Elections are being held for this position first, due to the change in leadership. if a new B-crat is appointed, they will hold elections for the other positions (Admin, Chat Moderator and Rollback).

    The rules for the nominations are as follows:

    • There are no self nominations allowed
    • Those being nominated must have a minimum of 100 edits to the wiki and have joined befo…

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    Community Voice Group

    August 25, 2014 by Horsyqueen

    I just had an epic idea. The community needs a voice something they have been violated off this current year so why don't we give them one. After all I am a member of the community with no power in doing anything but I am standing up for others and letting my voice be heard. 

    What about a group, sorta a cute idea but a community led group. This group will help maintain the site and decisions that are made, they will hold polls and make your voice be heard. So what this group will do:

    • Edit pages - Checking for grammar, spelling and incorrect fluff.
    • Adding to pages - Adding good proper information that is useful for people.
    • Creating a poll on decisions - So the community has a choice in all that happens.
    • Elections - For new Community Voice Group …
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    Go vote

    August 24, 2014 by Buck45

    For those of you who haven't seen horsy'a new blog go vote in support of keeping the chat we have a right to choose were we talk this is the link go vote 4 keeping the chat

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    Voting for Rights

    August 24, 2014 by Dragon511

    Hello there. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Jason, the original adopter of this wiki and former Bureaucrat. I am here due to some complaints I have received about corrupt staff. Now, I would like you to know that I remain neutral in this situation, and want only what is best for the community. I am not against anyone.

    Below I have constructed a series of polls to determine who you believe should keep their rights, and who should go. Once complete, if necessary I will take this to Wiki Staff. Your votes will remain anonymous unless you decide to leave a comment below.

    Choose "Stay" if you wish the user to stay in the position, and "Go" if you believe they should be relieved of their duties.

    Following these polls, if any action is tak…

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    I am going to write no comments above as we don't want any bias and there will be no horrid comments below. Everyone should be peaceful and respectful. Any vile use of language is not going to be allowed as this is for the community to decide, not who can say the worst word.

    By the end of today Psi Wikia will not have a chat anymore as you may well know, some of you may have moved elsewhere due to the change but it would be helpful if you were to vote. If proxy's are used then I will delete the poll and start again, I will know if a proxy is used so don't think you can get away with it if you are tempted!

    The poll finishes next Wednesday at 1AM GMT, any votes after that will not be recorded.

    We have a right to decide where to chat! So guys let…

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    Claircognizance Test

    August 22, 2014 by Teaven

    Ok so I tried to do this and excuse my voice and calling them "fairies".

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    These are NOT superpowers people. You can't use psychokinesis to defend your self. You can't be an avatar,superhero, or any manga charter with these abilities. You can't shape shift, summon hurricanes,shoot lightning,etc. THIS IS THE POWER OF THE MIND.

    (Note: this is meant to inform and correct people i'm not mad I wrote this to clear confusion in a way that hopefully won't piss people off)

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    Hi all..tdy I'm gonna post how to make things's not easy....but if that just could be here's the tech..first of all u need to do first on objects practice ur mind on it..and to be like testing follow this steps

    1-place object in front of u 2-clear ur mind and connect with the object.. 3-visualize that the photons going through the object from all directions..that's will make u see through the object and it will make the object invisible.. 4- keep visualizing for 10 mins at may not work in the first time ..but if u saw the colors changing then u r in the right way..keep practice every day to male fully invisible

    In science..every thing we watch it it's because the reflected photons (r…

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    "Madam?" Her face as cold as ice and as pale as that of a Meiko. The kimono which she wore seemed once to have the colour of cherry blossom and stone like the sun but now that had all faded now it was all so white and dead. Hair as black as night and like the texture of straw. She was neither alive nor dead and somewhere in between the two. Yuki Onna

    The Yuki Onna a woman of which stands behind a rich culture and mythology. Although somewhat limited of her existence she is magical and beautiful. Yuki means snow and Onna means woman in Japanese so this translates the name to mean snow woman.  Her name and appearance could also suggest the origin for Snow Whites appearance. Asia's culture has always inspired many. She appears in snow storms as wh…

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