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  • Learnerman101

    I use to be a guy that practiced energy manipulation a lot, its been years though, I don't believe that all of this is good, just direct energy manipulation. (I'm a christian)

    I just started to get back into it, and earlier today, I noticed again (i've had this forever) that looking at the sky, just the sky causes arrows to point at the exact location i'm looking at, not arrows but similar.

    Pretty sure people say this is "tunnel' vision, but thats not what gets me believing otherwise.

    I was looking at a cloud that was moving fast, and for some reason, I looked at it, and tried to will it to stop no clue if this was just my imagination but I could make it stop for a split second, multiple times in a row, I also tried to make it go a different …

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  • Helpful guy XD

    This is a diary/journal about my journey in learning a new technique I though of while meditating. I'm not sure how to call it and it probably already has a name but I wanted to let the elements use me rather than using letting air move you around in a fight, you dont control it but its controlling you. I wanted to try this out with all the main elements. I will begin with air since its the one i'm most alligned with and slowly move on to water, earth and lastly fire with electricity. I want to kind of use my body as a medium for energy to guide it.

    I will update this blog every time I see a change or improvement, don't expect frequent updates as I have very little time to meditate and try the technique with school taking up 95% …

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  • Calebbland

    portal help

    April 24, 2016 by Calebbland

    does anyone here know how to make a portal to another dimension? i have the complete base of dimensional manipulation i just dont have any powers yet

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  • MysticMoka


    April 15, 2016 by MysticMoka
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  • MysticMoka

    The reading of playing cards is an quick and easy alternative to the reading of tarot cards since they only require a full pack of playing cards.

    The Spreads:

    If you require a quick answer to a question you can just draw a card from the top of the shuffled pack whilst thinking of your question.

    However, if you wish for a more detailed answer you would use one of the spreads.

    The Three Card Spread:

    This is where you lay the top three cards from the deck left to right, the first card represents the past, the second represents the present and the third card shows the future.

    1 2 3
    The Nine Card Spread:

    A more detailed expansion of the previous spread. The cards are laid in a three by three square, the top row showing the past, the middle show…

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  • Meurlorg

    A few weeks back I had a very strange lucid dream experience, in which I was floating on top of water while hearing and feeling the sensation of the ocean, during the experience I felt that I was sinking but due to some inherent fear I felt, I resisted the tug and would always surface and sink, back and forth between the two until I woke.

    The strange thing is before I had the dream, I had visited a friend of mind who was hosting a beach party of sort, and in that party I had found a piece of drift-wood near the edge of the beach and I impulsively took that piece of wood home with me, placing it on my window, in my bedroom but the dream dint occur until a few days(1 minimum, three days maximum) later when I forgot about the piece of driftwoo…

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  • NiddHogg

    Ok here they are

    1. Air summon( got to give it an rpg style name) Raise your hands and imagine energy charging the air around you causing the wind to blow.

    2. Air summon V2. Start by closing your eyes and focusing on the air around you, next imagine where you want to wind to start from, them force the energy to that area and imagine it crushing the air and exploding out into wind

    3.whirlWind(Not always effective) Make the wind blow in two seperate locations, So that they will collide, then imagine the wind at the collision point spinning and forming a vortex

    4.WhirlWind(Hard version, works better with leaves) Make the wind blow and imaging it bending around and swirling into a vortex

    Sorry if they seem a little vauge I dont know how to explain…

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  • NiddHogg

    Hello,im starting this blog to track my expirimental progress.

    I want to find out some of the science behind psionic abilities as possible.

    Now I know some people dont believe that there is any science behind such abilities, but I do, and I personally believe that there is a scientific way to enhance our abilities with technology.

    Now I dont hope to change the world much (if at all) but rather I hope to improve the use of psionics in hopes of providing something viable.

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C. Clarke

    "Any action that has a reaction has a physical cause"-me

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  • Meurlorg

    Here is a interesting I found while web browsing, give your thoughts in the comments below.

    LINK: [1]

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  • MasterD925

    Hey, my name's Duncan, and I've been practicing Psionics off and on for around a year or so now. I've discovered that I'm a natural healer, and I wanted to share some of my own techniques. If you would like me to heal you, or perform general Energy System maintenance, please let me know. Thanks!

    Just a side note, I use a lot of tactile programming with minor conceptual programming. You may want to modify the programming of these techniques to your liking, while maintaining the same general outcome.

    And now, onto the techniques...

    The specifics of this technique really depend on where and what is hurting. So, I'll give general steps here.

    (And please note that this technique may do more than just pain relief, if you are proficient enough in hea…

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