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  • Legacyhunters


    February 11, 2016 by Legacyhunters 

    8-17-15 9:05pm  1 time visit

    9-18-15   kayron wikia i has  message from rich   also i went to kayron chat at that time

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  • Majestine

    Help with it all🤔

    January 17, 2016 by Majestine

    Need help? Please ask away?

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  • Alexanderok

    In this blog i Will tell you Two of My astral Projection Experiences that felt like they we're succsesfull

    The first one "I was lying down in My bed it was night, after some time of relaxing maybe like 5 minutes it felt like My left leg was lifting and then falling and vibrating, then nothing happend after that"

    The second one "I was lying down in My bed It was night, after some time of relaxing maybe like 10 minuter i started thinking about My body like a picture automatically, then everything went white like a really bright light automatically, then the picture disappeared, in 5 minutes i was just feeling My body relaxing, i've felt some tingeling sensations and my body temperature got colder, then My finger moved automatically and everythi…

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  • Kprovost7314

    Kai's Psionic Guides

    December 14, 2015 by Kprovost7314

    Preface Update 12/23/15: I decided to make this a guide blog for my future techniques.

    A Guide to Making Your Own Techniques

    Reprogramming Your Subconscious

    Sonokinesis - Manipulation of Sound

    There are lots of techniques here on Psi Wiki such as the Psi Ball technique or the Shielding technique, but those techniques have more than one technique because they are made for that person who made them. The technique may be great but it might not work for you. These techniques aren't the only way to perform the abilities.

    Let's say a Hydrokinesis technique isn't working for me. The original technique says, "If you have a pool or a sink get something light that floats and try to move it by imagining water currents moving towards the object pushing it li…

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  • Réalteolaí

    An Apology...

    December 13, 2015 by Réalteolaí

    Demise, you're a wonderful person and I apologize for the way I acted just a few days ago; I am in a very bad place at the moment, recently a family member, one very close to me and my family, lashed out at both my mother and I, sending each of us a rather nasty message and blocking us from his Facebook immediately afterwards - all over a Windows 7 Installation disc he had promised to send me in September and while I know that this does not excuse my behavior, I wanted to give you an explanation along with my sincerest apologies. I should not have taken my anger and frustrations out on you and for that, I have seen the error of my ways... 

    To anyone else reading this, I would like to apologize to you as well. I have wronged everyone here, n…

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  • TheAdfeng

    What is cloaking?

    November 30, 2015 by TheAdfeng

    We can separate scanning into two categories:  passive and active.  Passive scanning occurs when you talk to someone.  You get a sense of what the person is like, what their personality is, and perhaps some details of constructs around them (if applicable).  You don’t poke or prod around for any actual information.  It can also occur when you look at someone or something.  The same thing occurs; you get an idea of what the person is like.

    Active scanning occurs when you intentionally gather information about that person’s energy system, constructs around them, energy signature, etc.  Doing this without permission can be considered rude and potentially a hostile action.  Most energy workers find it acceptable for passive scanning to occur, but reque…

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  • Alchemist 8


    November 16, 2015 by Alchemist 8


    Some call it magic, while others call it spiritual. But what is alchemy? Alchemy in the form we will express to the reader will be the practice of imitating nature. Nature will do what it does everyday all day long. It's a cycle. Nature nourishes nature, nature perfects nature.

    We'll start off by painting an idea.

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  • CF002151

    Dream blog

    November 12, 2015 by CF002151

    This blog is for people who are confortable telling their dreams to people to others. Do you know how to control it? Do you see strange things there? Are you aware of your surroundings? 

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  • Alexanderok

    This will be a list of questions that i want to know about Astral Projection

    I am doing a blog post because it will be disturbing for everyone in the chat if i asked every of my question in the chat!

    • Does it exists angels in the Higher Frequency Realms?
    • If it exist angels can i communicate with them?
    • Can i wake my friends Astral Body up?
    • Do i see peoples like human beings or like energy?
    • Is everything in Real Time?
    • Can something hurt you?
    • When you wake up do you "Teleport" back into your body?
    • Can i show myself for someone that is on the "Earth" so they can see me?
    • How do i enter the Akashic Records?

    That's all for now, please if you know some of the answers write them in the comments.. And yeaah sorry if i am not allowed to make a post.

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  • Kprovost7314

    Preface: I currently have 3 techniques which I am still working on so edits and new techniques will be made as I progress.

    Sonokinesis is the psychokinetic ability to maninpulate sound.

    1. Create a psi ball

    2. Visualize the energy as vibrations carrying a sound you want or visualize the Psi Ball vibrating and giving off sound (it's good to hum it out first)

    3. Program the psi ball to play the sound from the vibrations given off (keep adding energy to it)

    1. Go to a room with noise but not too much (so you can concentrate)

    2. Visualize sound waves (vibrations) all around you

    3. Visualize the sound waves calming down and then becoming still

    1. Go to a quiet room

    2. Visualize sound waves all around you

    3. Visualize all the sound waves around you becom…

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