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  • Abaddon-of-imperium

    I have been practicing Telekinesis for over a year now and learned many things among them were how to use Telekinesis as I have viewed it as a mucsle. (the ideal to compare it like that was from the movie Chronicles.) 

     The way I see it is that we each have a set limit to what we can do. Example is one can start TK by ony turning a paper stuck on a needle, than with much training can move a pen back and forth with little effort. Although no matter how much training one would never be able to move a thirty pound weight around.(this is an example if you can move a thirty pound weight I then ask you to document it as furthering the evidence of PK.)

    As one would learn this ability it as any other muscle would be very hard to learn how to use. Un…

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  • Sternensaat

    X ray version

    April 12, 2015 by Sternensaat

    The abilitie X ray verion ist the poweer to see in objects.

    Its of german:    

    I will taht the page X ray version real is!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • ChocaMuffinBall

    It's been so long since I've visited this site, so much has changed, but, so much has been removed. These techniques are genuine and I know, especially the ones about energy. This information is helping others' find their inner peace and guiding them. It's not long until we reach the high enough brain capacity and begin using our abilities large scale. It's not long until war breaks out.........Forewarned is, forearmed.

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  • Horsyqueen

    Changelings are creatures of European folklore. They are harsh and mischievous with the nature to kill. Probably the most feared faery type and inhabitant of the otherworld. Changelings haunt our media and fill our story books. I know my first encounter with the folklore was from a book.

    So what are changelings? Changelings and the offspring of a species classified as Faery or Fae specifically elves or faeries but also gnomes, merfolk, silkies, trolls and other inhabitants of the otherworld. For the offspring to be classified as an actual changeling it had to be replaced with the child of another species specifically humans but it’s also possible for other more humanoid species. Generally when saying replaced I mean that the human offspring…

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  • TenebrisLucem

    new here

    March 7, 2015 by TenebrisLucem

    A little bit about myself.

    I have been interested in the occult and powers of the mind for as long as I can remember and have always possessed a strong connection to dark energy/umbrakinesis.

    As such I began training and studying ways to take this as far as possible and in this pursuit have learned many exercises to open and align the chakras as well as ways of channeling energy that so far have produced amazing results in a short time.

    with chakra meditation when done correctly you feel a buzzing, tingling or light sensation and some exercises especially ones that stimulate the 6th chakra and pineal gland are so intense and overwhelming they can make you trip balls!

    Once I opened mine and began a regimen of daily chakra meditations and other …

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  • Rauelius

    Rauelius' Journey

    March 3, 2015 by Rauelius
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  • YellowChakra

    Mind Breaking

    March 1, 2015 by YellowChakra

    I just added

    It is a comprehensive tutorial on the scary act of breaking someones mind.

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  • Tyger Waters

    "The Dress"

    February 28, 2015 by Tyger Waters

    What's this dresses color?

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  • TheAdfeng

    Adfeng's Technique Stash

    February 19, 2015 by TheAdfeng

    The source can be found at,2811.msg25876.html. 

    This may or may not be updated.  I have a list that says I plan on adding stuff, and we'll see if I get to it.

    LAST UPDATED: 2/27/2015


    Added: Sentience

    All Rights Reserved © (Copyright) Cu MBSD Adfeng 2014.  Distribution only by permission.  Please contact me at for distribution requests.


    FROM ONE PSION AND ENERGY WORKER TO ANOTHER, Your work as an energy worker will never stop.  Your never-ending goal of the advancement of yourself and those around you will never stop.  There are always people better than you, and you will always be outdone.  This technique guide is an attempt at helping you get started, but not …

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  • Kidd8

    Born With These

    February 18, 2015 by Kidd8

    I want to get something straight.

    Technically, no one is born with these psionic skills/abilities/powers/or whatever you call them. Anyone can learn any one of these *abilities so just because you can use it, doesn't mean you were born with it.

    Oh and hey, listen here when you say "i used it befor i came to this site, i wus born with it111!11!" How do you think people managed with these before the internet? They did it on their own, without a website.

    No one is born with these abilities, you have to learn by practicing them**

    • = Using abilities for the sake of shortness
      • = Some may learn faster then others, this does not mean you were born with it.
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