• Arro Yunora

    Hahahah, I miss writing these.

    I'm back!!! But not for long. I found out something important about Psionics that I feel everyone should know. Gimme some time, i'll try to have this done by January. I got a lot of junk I need to say about psionics that I hope will help everyone else get farther than I in the future.

    Ciao for now~.

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  • NiddHogg

    A simple question

    November 3, 2017 by NiddHogg

    what would the difference truly be if psionics where to be replaced with cybernetic enhancements?

    what if these cybernetics where built up then merged with psi?

    I suppose what I'm asking is, if someone rebuilt psi from the ground up only to make a stronger version how would people feel about it?

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  • Gacsam

    Technomagic: Scan-Tester

    September 9, 2017 by Gacsam

    1. Chooses random attributes from a defined set list (shape, colour, functions) and creates a construct based on them.
    2. Multiple difficulties, colour and shape, 1 function, 2 function and more!
    3. Lists the attributes, hidden under a box, stopping the user from seeing them.
    4. The user scans the construct, once they decide to see the result, they press Begin, it disappears, attributes show.
    5. There's a 5% chance a function (3% for colour and shape) will be replaced with EMPTY, which also will help with practice against frontloading/AOL.

    Check it out here:

    Thanks to Esdras, Mario, Mari's Mage, Rishin, Mouseroot, Luiqwa, Helio for helping with this project.

    What do I need to run it? You need access to a devi…

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  • Katoptorkinesis Master!

    Ive had this idea for a while and I recently found out that your spirit and psychokinesis is further activated by your awake dreaming state by delta brain waves. I saw online that scientist found out that 10 mins after death your delta brain waves are activated briefly. Meaning your spirit is further awakened to connect to this reality. Which means that we can and have been channeling this spiritual power even while being alive for use our psychokinesis.  (Heres their link: There is another study by Telekinesis: Mind Possible (A Youtuber) also confirming that when practicing psychokinesis his EEG monitor picks up delta brain waves after a moveme…

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  • AxelTheDragonLord23

    Who I am

    July 19, 2017 by AxelTheDragonLord23

    I've been studying the science of psi, for awhile. I met NiddHog from doing this a few years back. I was apart of a group that fell apart because of leadership issues. I am currently tending to a group that I'm planning to rebuild. If you are interested, either comment here or PM me. 

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  • Eclectic.witch5

    For a short peroid of time I'm offering free tarot readings. If you want one just message me and I'll get to you asap. There are a few things I will not give readings on. Those subjects are serious medicial issues, life and death situations, and sex. I'm more than happy to do romance releated readings and if sexual stuff comes up so be it, but I will not do a reading speficially for your sex life. Please understand that this takes time and I do have a life outside of this your patience is greatly appericated. when you ask for a reading please have a username. I won't give you a reading if you don't have one.

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  • Psionkid

    Blog summary: I'm creating a programm to train manifestation and technokinesis.

    Precompiled binarys for linux and windows can be found here.

    If you'ld like to contribute or build it your self from source you can do it here.

    The programm generates randome boolean, characters or colors and count how often they occur.

    The one which occured the most is taken.

    The chanse that you can influence a random value at a given time is quite low (especially when you start for the first time) but if you concentrate for a longer time, there are chanses that your manifestation comes more often than the others.

    In a series of experiments done at Princeton University, researchers assembled about 300 people. The 300 participants then observed a computer screen whic…

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  • Dragon511

    Hey everyone, I created a discord server for discussing all things related to spirituality (which includes anything you'll find on this wiki). It's new so there's not many people in it at the moment, however I haven't seen many servers about this sort of thing so if you'd like to join you can do so here:

    Invite Link

    If you do happen to know about any other servers let me know, as I'd like to join.

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  • VanishSpanish

    I have realized recently while looking through this wiki that there is not adequate discussion of the consequences of someone beginning to do psionics, so I have written my thoughts here. Perhaps some shorter text can address some problems on the Psionics page.

    Before you decide that you want to delve into Psionics, you need to consider the consequences of doing so. You should think about the good and the bad consequences, and weigh them out before doing Psionics. One important thing you will need to decide when doing Psionics is how you will handle your information. Are you going to keep it a secret, and if so, how will you hide it? Are you going to tell it to people? Consider that there's a decent chance they will either be freaked out o…

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  • Arro Yunora

    I feel like i'm being thrusted into it. I wanna explore Muladhara more. but i took a glance at this one and found out that its about the feeling i am experiencing now... So.. I guess i'll get into it very, very soon.

    Gimme a few days, but i'll finally get into Svadhisthana in a bit.

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