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  • Alchemist 8


    November 16, 2015 by Alchemist 8

    *Some words or phrases used in this article will be in bold which is my way of telling the reader that these words or phrases are not to be looked at lightly as they are important or will be taken up and explained later on in this post.

    Alchemy is the art of imitating nature. When you copy what nature does inside a microcosm you'll get the end result of what nature was aiming for.

    The goal of what most alchemists have sought for is called The Philosophers' Stone. Most of us has heard of it and for those who haven't and want to know what it is, The Philosophers' Stone is not like what most people believe it to be which is a magical rock that grants immortality, or a rock that requires magick. It's a gem that gives your body everything that it …

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  • CF002151

    Dream blog

    November 12, 2015 by CF002151

    This blog is for people who are confortable telling their dreams to people to others. Do you know how to control it? Do you see strange things there? Are you aware of your surroundings? 

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  • Alexanderok

    This will be a list of questions that i want to know about Astral Projection

    I am doing a blog post because it will be disturbing for everyone in the chat if i asked every of my question in the chat!

    • Does it exists angels in the Higher Frequency Realms?
    • If it exist angels can i communicate with them?
    • Can i wake my friends Astral Body up?
    • Do i see peoples like human beings or like energy?
    • Is everything in Real Time?
    • Can something hurt you?
    • When you wake up do you "Teleport" back into your body?
    • Can i show myself for someone that is on the "Earth" so they can see me?
    • How do i enter the Akashic Records?

    That's all for now, please if you know some of the answers write them in the comments.. And yeaah sorry if i am not allowed to make a post.

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  • Kprovost7314

    Preface: I currently have 3 techniques which I am still working on so edits and new techniques will be made as I progress.

    Sonokinesis is the psychokinetic ability to maninpulate sound.

    1. Create a psi ball

    2. Visualize the energy as vibrations carrying a sound you want or visualize the Psi Ball vibrating and giving off sound (it's good to hum it out first)

    3. Program the psi ball to play the sound from the vibrations given off (keep adding energy to it)

    1. Go to a room with noise but not too much (so you can concentrate)

    2. Visualize sound waves (vibrations) all around you

    3. Visualize the sound waves calming down and then becoming still

    1. Go to a quiet room

    2. Visualize sound waves all around you

    3. Visualize all the sound waves around you becom…

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  • Amerininja

    So I got some advice from TheAdfeng here on the Wikia. While before last night I was searching the internet for people who could teach me UmbraK, I have now decided to carve a path as a psion in training myself. Last night, after what has become my nightly meditation for the past year or so I began to think on how to begin creating two things.

    1. Training/Practice

    2. Techniques

    The first thing I aimed to do was expand the shadow of my door (It was slightly open revealing light from the hallway). I sat there for about 30 minutes with no real results. Putting that idea to slumber I thought about theoretical Dark Matter. I tossed away the thought quickly to be honest. Then I remembered an article I read when I had first joined the Wiki in 2013. …

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  • Amerininja

    Umbrakinesis Practice?

    October 23, 2015 by Amerininja

    So a member here did a remote scan on me recently and proclaimed that they saw a very obvious shadow. I was confused at first not thinking of what darkness really was. I thought it evil and now I know its a huge necessity. So i searched for an Umbrakinesis page. There isn't one, but there is a photokinesis page. Can anyone here give me tips on the ability or is UmbraK just a subset of PhotoK?

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  • Demise7

    (future reference for advanced psionics. For now just experimental. Just me and my theories)

    This is the opposite version of the metaphysical version that will be added in the future

    Unlike that version that involves phasing constructs and attacks and editing others shield the is more of manipulating the physical world

    First off is what is it all about what can you do with it well that's fairly easy to explain. It is simple bending the world around matter,energy, people maybe its a little unclear at the moment and a lot harder to perform then the metaphysical version. It involves most if not all PK along with some atom manipulation kik. And no you can't create stuff outta thin air at least it has been said mot possible. At higher levels of ps…

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  • TheAdfeng

    The Astral Plane (or etheric plane, whatever you want to call it) is a word used to describe the plane you project to.  In this plane exists every other plane that ever will exist.  So, let's say that you want to go to a plane called "Berlin", if there was such a plane.  You project to the plane "Berlin" (assuming you have permission to project there) because you're already projecting on the astral plane.  This is called a plane shift.  There are an infinite number of planes on the astral plane.  The one you project to is the "normal" one, or the one everyone generally goes to.  You can go to a number of them by just looking around and shifting to different planes.  However, be aware that when you shift you see if you are trespassing.  Als…

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  • Persephone's Child

    Hey guys, it's me, and I need some help.

    Lately, my head started to throb and ache, as if something was dying to be opened. I can visualize a flower (it was a purple-y shade) desperately trying to bloom. Is this my third eye chakra? Pleave leave your opinions and tips on how to open it in the comments. These headaches are starting to get to me.

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  • KuraiKage65


    July 29, 2015 by KuraiKage65

    I'll be up front right now. I'm a mega skeptic. I need a LOT of proof yup believe something. I'm surprised I even signed up for a wiki like this one. I mean, c'mon, superpowers? Actual superpowers? It seems a little far fetched if you ask me. Nevertheless, I'm nothing if not flexible. My question to you all is is this real? If I do this, will I really obtain supernatural abilities?

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