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    Psions,Wiccans,and users of Psi Wiki do you have a favorite psychic or magical ability? If you do comment it now! It doesn't matter if you posses it or not. Only one ability per person I will be checking IP addresses so please don't put mulitable answers down to spam it. I want this to be as accurate as possible.

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    Image Pulse

    July 23, 2014 by Overlorg

    The ability to visually manipulate the perception of a image to varying degree.

    How to practice Simply stare at a picture and imagine movement in the image. With time the picture should visually appear to bend and vibrate erratically but precise control is possible,further practice can give a sense of movement beyond visual stimulation. Read more >
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    As we will need a new set of staff for the site, we are now taking applications for
    site mods ,chat mods, and forum mods ^_^. Just fill out the application and send it to All fields must be filled out or your application will be either discarded or sent back. DO NOT POST YOUR APPLICATION AS A COMMENT

    ~Cut off is Friday 7/25~ (any applications sent after that date will be discarded)

    Real Name:
    Wiki Username:
    Site Username(the one you're going to use on the site):
    Contact Information (email or skype):
    Position Applying for (site mod/forum mod/chat mod):
    Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy):
    Favorite Color:
    Where you curr…

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    July 22, 2014 by PhathomDarkTime77

    I have been looking into Cosmokinesis lately. I think its kind of real due tp the fact you can absorb massive amounts of energy from the stars, now you guys might be thinking since we are on a massive amount of energy why waste your time absorbing energy from the stars and planets. Well I'll tell you why and the reason is due to the fact that cosmokinesis is the manipulation of the fabric of space, crazy isn't it? I am still skeptical because people have talked about summoning meteors which to me is nearly impossible. But a good psionic ability to go along with cosmokinesis would have to be gyrokinesis (manipulation of gravity). That would give more room for manipulating space. Please tell me what you think and thank you.

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    Name Change

    July 21, 2014 by PhathomDarkTime77

    Just letting everyone know that I am SuperKrill99 and I changed my username and in no way shape or form is this a second account. Making another one would in fact be pointless and stupid. I suggest moderators and admins to make it harder to create multiple accounts since I know some people have been doing that which is again stupid and pointless. If you forgot your password and you cant see how to figure it out yourself but DO NOT create multiple accounts and yes you are allowed to change your username. I have no idea how people create multiple accounts but this action stops right here. Admins and moderators I suggest you edit the create an account page to where it requires a gmail address. Better yet make sure no one has the same username…

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    July 19, 2014 by HeroOfTheEightChakras

    It was love on first sight.

    He stared at her, completely cultivated, nothing deterring his stare.

    His parents knew that longing feel, they understood him.

    His parents allowed him to bring her home, she woke up slowly but surely.

    She knew not where she was, but she had a sense of duty.

    She worked with him, they played together, they worked together.

    They were in bliss.

    Months had past.

    In a blink of an eye, they shared they're growth, slowly coming of age.

    Unlike him, she grew faster.

    Determined to stay together, him and her continued on with they're lives.

    Years had passed.

    She was growing tired quickly.

    Slowly, she wiltled away, he became worried.

    Then that horrible day came.

    No matter how much he cared for her.

    No matter how much she cared for him.

    It wa…

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    Ok this is a really cool thing to do and it works. So here it goes. First, close your eyes and be in a deep relaxed state. Second, visualize a door and you walking towards it. Third, open that door and try to make out what you see and depending on whether the door said future or past you may see different things. So let me know if the technique worked!

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    The Advanced Psychic Training Program: Cryokinesis/Glaciokinesis Weeks 4-10 (Final stretch). Hey guys! this is the final update for the CryoK/GlacioK program so in this blog you'll learn about a lot of super powerful techniques based on psychic ice/cold manipulation. Of course to get really good at these you'll have to keep training beyond the time period in this program so never give up!

    I bet the title got you excited didn't it? Well if it did you won't be dissapointed! Because this will show you how to make a ball of psychic energy that is literally cold and can effect things on a physical level. In order to create a ball this powerful you'll need to use something even more powerful than PSI and KI/Chi combined. This energy is called Jin…

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    Tapping the stars

    July 17, 2014 by Eden971

    [1]Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered whats up there? Power, in its raw form. Stars are nothing but big balls of burning fire. But their power is more than that. Beyond that. A stars power is sentient and ethereal. In its current state it fades away, but it reaches Earth long before that. Unending power. Ever flowing.

    Astral Projection is needed for the first method. Sit out beneath the stars. It should be a clear night and the farther from the full moon the better. As the moon overpowers other energy's. It should be a warm night, since cold makes it more difficult to tap star power. Before all of the following exercises visualize the following.

    Bathe in starlight. Feel the brilliant white-bluish light flowing down into your b…

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    so I'm sitting in my mom's car (we deliver flowers) and i'm in a very neggative mood because I have run into a bit of bad luck and missfortune and a particularly emotional song comes on and at the climax of the song I feel this burst of emotion and energy then the radio starts to fuzz and go in and out of reception then suddenly I it just stops working and didn't turn back on for 30min. and to add to things my premonitions are starting to get more frequent.

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