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Name Carieskinesis
Other Names Decay Manipulation
Type Psychokinesis
Sub-abilities Disintegration, Transmutation
Uses to cause organic matter to decay using the mind and cause inorganic matter to erode with the mind

Carieskinesis is the psychic power to cause organic matter to decay using the mind. Users of this ability are also able to erode inorganic matter. Carieskinesis works for organic and inorganic matter. It can be used on inorganic or nonliving matter like fruit or anything dead. It can also be used in a more negative way such as using it on a living body like trees, animals, or even people. With the proper training and execution, a user of this ability could possibly execute this ability in a way similar to erosion or even disintegration.

Decay uses a process in which organisms eat, breed and survive on the dead matter. This cannot happen where there is no oxygen or extreme cold due to the bacteria needed to decay a body.

Decay is a complicated process in which nature works. Many environmental factors limit or speed up this process, heat and  humidity are key factors. Humid places will have a higher rate of decay due to the organisms it brings with it. Heat is a factor but when it gets too hot the bacteria die and so do the other organisms. 

The effects of decay can be stimulated by users of this ability without organisms.

Erosion is the process by which an inorganic matter breaks down by exogenetic process. Users of this ability are able to simulate these effects on an inorganic matter.

To use it, focus your psi energy into the object and picture it rapidly decaying. It might help to keep repeating the command "decay" in your head.  Carieskinesis may or may not work on living things.

For more uses, you can invent new uses or modify existing uses. 


The best way to train carieskinesis is by visualizing what you want to decay in frames. Visualizing frames is crucial, because when an object decays, it happens in stages. For example, if you want a ripe fruit to decay, you would have this flow of images in your head if you were a beginner: The fruit in it's ripe stage, the fruit halfway decayed, and the fruit completely decayed. If you can picture a great amount of frames, you will have a solid chance you have of quickly and successfully decaying the object. 

Tips on visualizing for carekinesis

  • When you are visualizing, make sure it is as evenly as you can possibly do it (Don't picture any frame longer or shorter than another).
  • Make sure carekinesis is all you are focused on when you are trying to decay
  • If you can't decay an object, it is because you'll need to be visualizing more steps to do it successfully

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