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Name Electrokinesis
Other Names Electricity Manipulation
Type Psychokinesis
Pre-abilites Telekinesis
Sub-abilities Technokinesis and Magnokinesis
Uses To manipulate and control electricity

Electrokinesis is the psychic power to manipulate energies, electrical currents, and generate electricity with the mind. Users are able to absorb, conduct, generate and manipulate a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons) which give the user control over electric fields, electric charges, electric currents, electronics, and electromagnetism.

The user can diversify various electrical-based attacks, ranging from simple to complex attacks. Simple effects may include the ability to generate electricity, shoot lightning, or overload a circuit. More complex ones may include manipulating energy in a person, convert one’s own body into an entity of electrons, directing current in a more complex route than the one of least resistance, firing sparks, turning off electrical devices, or electrical constructs. With applications ranging from direct electrocution and high energy output, to more complex abilities such as hacking, and electromagnetism generation and constructs, the user is able to control electrons in a variety of the effects that often yield positive results, making Electrokinesis one of the most powerful and versatile of the elements.

The other side of this possible power is to create and manipulate energies into solid waves or blasts, and thus travel through electrical appliances or outlets. This power can even be used to take control of the electrons in objects, allowing motion control. If you were advanced in this, then you'd be able to generate force-fields and develop technopathy, as well as manipulate any energy.

Make An Electrical Psi Wheel

This version of a psi wheel will help you test your electrokinetic power, even if it is very weak.

  1. Take any magnet and place it underneath any metal base on which your psi wheel will sit.
  2. Place the psi wheel on your base as if you had made any other psi wheel.
  3. Now test it; take a battery and put it close to the the wheel.
  4. Notice what happens; the wheel spins. The electric field reacts with the foil to make it spin.
  5. Now use your own ability and force electric energy into your fingers.
  6. Move it toward the wheel.

Even if you are a weak electrokinetic, the wheel will more than likely move and attract to your fingers.

Electrical Absorption

Electrical Absorption is the power to conduct and store electrical energy within the body. One with this power gains power by draining electrical devices and machines. After enough has been absorbed, the electricity may or may not be released at will to charge small machines, attack foes and the like (if not released at will, it usually has negative effects on the user, like disorienting the thought process, speeding up the user's speech and generating static cling in the hair, etc.but never absorb too much electricity if you do you will have pain in your hands,shocks in your body until the the extra amount of electricity goes out of your body.

Note: If you try to get rid of the extra amount (for example: by your hand), your hand may have some burns.


Training 1

Alright, this takes a couple of weeks to learn, so don't get frustrated if you can't do it in the first couple of days. To learn electrokinesis, start out by just closing your eyes and visualizing electricity flowing inside and outside of your body, like sparks of energy. See them shocking, actually hear them crackling and popping. Do this for 10-15 minutes a day. Try to make an Electro-ball.

Training 2

The easiest time to do it is when you're lying in bed before you go to sleep. Close your eyes and visualize the electricity running through the body part of choice. Try to do all these things one after another or mix them. Visualize it running up say, your hand, in waves of electricity like the kind of waves old TV's get sometimes that go up the screen. Then after that, visualize it sparking and even arcing out of your fingertips and hands. Try to feel the sparks the best you can, sometimes your fingers will just go sort of numb and they will feel weird if you try to move them. Then open your eyes and do the same thing for a while. All you need to do is watch your aura, see the electrons running through it and concentrate on them moving towards the desired area.

Beginners Techniques


This is basically a psi ball with electricity from electrokinesis added into it. To start, visualize the electricity flowing through your body. Then, make a normal psi ball, then picture the electricity bolts coming out of your hands and your fingertips, and merging with the psi ball, making little sparks and shocks around and inside the psi ball. Do this for about 5 minutes a day, along with just picturing the electricity flowing inside of you. Just keep practicing, and when you get the electro-ball, you will be able to shock people with it. But be warned, don't use a lot of power with this exercise on someone if you know that their power is less than yours and they won't be able to handle it, this ability can really injure someone when used with enough power.


First, make a Ball of Electricity. Then add some Energy into it. Just practice that for a few days or at least a week until you get good at it. Then after you get good at that, start to compact Electricity and Energy into your arm. After you feel that your arm is compacted with enough Electricity and Energy, blast it out of your hand. Now the objective is to try and control the blast if you can. Remember to only use a little bit of Energy and Electricity if your opponent is too weak to handle your level of power. Intermediate Techniques

Intermediate Techniques

Electricity shield

Electricity Strike

Close your eyes and visualize you standing in a field .and all of a sudden electricity strikes your head and travels to your finger tips.

And electricity is running through your arm and it all of a sudden shoots out of your finger tips.

Electricity Arms

Make an electro ball and visualize it shaping itself into desired weapon. Never get too attached to your weapon.

Force Field Generation

First create an electric ball. then add 3x the pressure and power into the ball. then try to shape it around you or the place you wish to field by visualizing energy being from your mind to the place. then compact energy into your entire body, then try to imagine the energy circling or shaping (use whatever shape you want , duck, cat, ball, square eg) around it, then add electricity to the target and release it but quickly after releasing add a blast to make it twice as powerful. try to experiment with this.

Redirecting Electrical Blasts

A method of redirecting psychic electrical blasts is to create a energy ball, create a current of energy through the air that will direct the charge away from you, catch the blast in the energy ball and direct it down the energy current and away from you. this method is more difficult, takes more energy and is harder to perform. however it is the safer method of redirecting psychic electricity blasts.


Electrical Absorption

Absorbing Electric Energy- get a battery or something that holds electricity and have your hand over the for example battery. Then visualize the electricity coming inside your hand, like two magnets. Too much can harm you. Stay positive and continue to try, you may be closer than you think.

Miscellaneous 481

Electrical Transfer

Once you absorb the electricity touch something and visualize the vibrations traveling into the object you're touching and it should cause a shock or flicker (for a TV) or touch a battery and transfer the electricity to the battery and you should be charging it. When you get better you can just wave your hand over said battery.

Electricity Generation

Take off your computer battery(make sure its fully charged) then focus and concentrate on it and it should be vibrating next visualize the vibration traveling around your whole body keep wasting the electricity in the battery until your whole body is strongly vibrating and anyone that touches you should get shock real easily also your body would be able to resist electric so you won't be shock real easily plus your shock will be more strong if you try to shock someone. Side effects are you will be weakened in water or any other liquid and it will be a lot harder to do Hydrokinesis or any other water/liquid manipulation.

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Lightening Ball

To start out, just make a energy ball and charge it up. Next, start visualizing lightning striking down all around you. Actually hear the crack and sizzle of the lightning bolts. Then, visualize all little lightning bolts striking around your hands and striking into your energy ball and causing electric shocks inside and outside it. It will make it even better if you know how to perform some electrokinesis. You will know by the feeling you get in your hands if you have done this correctly. When it's made, blast away. Don't forget to have fun with it too and don't let having powers rule your life. "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility"

Static Ball

Just like there is energy coming off of you all the time, there's electricity coming off of you all the time as well. However, the electricity usually just goes off into the air and doesn't do much of anything. To make a static ball concentrate on your aura and feel the electricity tingling through it. Try putting your hand an inch or two above your arm and feel the tiny currents zipping between your hand and your arm. Once you're good and familiar with the static electricity on your body, cup your hands like you're making a energy ball. Try to suck that energy out of your environment and put it in your hands. If you hold the ball near delicate electronics it may cause interference temporarily.

Finger-to-Finger Plasma Stream

When electricity is visible (like lightning) it's plasma just like fire. When you have become good at moving electricity around your body, sit with your index fingers pointing at each other with about an inch gap between them. Choose a direction and try to make the electricity flow around your whole body in a circular motion, going through the gap between your fingers. With enough time and practice you'll get sparks, flashes, and eventually a solid stream of electricity. In my experience the most common color is pink with a little orange.

Word of warning: Electrokinesis has the potential of being dangerous, for both you and your surroundings.

Electrokinesis Subliminal:

Subliminal messaging - Electrokinesis training09:07

Subliminal messaging - Electrokinesis training

Electrokinesis Binaural Beats10:01

Electrokinesis Binaural Beats

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