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Necromancy by ajmohares-d386n4l
Name Necromancy
Other Names Necrokinesis
Type Psychokinesis, Extrasensory Perception, Magic
Sub-abilities None
Uses To control and manipulate the factors involved in death of a living organism

Necromancy is the ability to communicate with the dead and also modify or incur death. There are different ways to make this happen, but they all require an extreme amount of mental power. Think about it this way: moving an object is relatively simple compared to killing someone.


The Necromancer by SpectralFairy

Necromancy, the art of controlling death.

The smarter the organism, the harder it is to kill it. You can easily provoke an ant's demise but it might take you a decade of training to kill a person.

This is very dangerous for obvious reasons and you should only use it for self-defense. You should start by learning Telekinesis and practicing every exercise to increase your mental power. Don't jump straight ahead into this as this is the hardest of all kinetic abilities.


The way you can kill an organism depends. All organisms have weakness, for example if you deprive us of oxygen for just a few minutes we'll die. If some connections in our brain fail, we will die. If our heart stops we'll die... and so on. Necrokinesis focuses in those weaknesses. With your brain power, you should be able to stop any vital process of an organism and incur death. As you can probably imagine this is extremely difficult so you need a very ample knowledge of how our body works. If you want to stop a heart from working, start by knowing how the heart functions so you know what to stop. In telekinesis you focus all your mind power in trying to move an object. It's the same here: focus all your mind power in stopping a vital process. Focus everything you have in your target's heart to stop. If done correctly, the person will begin to look in pain and eventually die. This is very dangerous knowledge so be responsible. This knowledge is like a personal gun: You can use it for bad, but they are supposed to be for self-defense.

Other aspects of Necrokinesis Some people argue that Necrokinesis is the ability to make "dead people" move. While this may be possible, it's extremely difficult. Think about all the mind power you need to move every single muscle of a person. Moving an object is relatively simple because you only have to move it one way, but humans have thousands of muscles and bones and you'd have to somehow move them all in coordination. Even though this is not impossible, it won't happen anytime soon


[Note: This is essentially just Telekinesis with the understanding of anatomy. I'm uncertain why this needs a different name. Its not genuinely controlling death, its simply using




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