Psionics is the study and practice of the mind to make paranormal phenomenon. Abilities like Psychokinesis and Extrasensory Perception require the sole use of the mind. Everyone is naturally a psion, but most people doubt the reality of being a psion. Everyone has Psychokinetic abilities, we just choose not to use them for whatever reason. All Psychokinetic abilities exist in the real world, and anyone can become a psion. They need the knowledge of psi energy and mind powers to do all this to an unlimited extent. Belief and practice help people to become who they really are. Sixth sense is something we all have, but it is dormant and we have to re-learn to use it again.

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    • I want to understand nature, but I don't want to learn at the normal rate, how do I use Psychokinesis to learn faster?
    • That's what I want to know.
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    • It will not work like an actual energy drink, you may feel such an effect depending on how well in tune you are with your energy body, but of...
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