Psycich vampire
A Psychic Vampire is a person who is able to "feed" off of the energy of another. Psychic Vampirism is an alive and flourishing trend in today's world. As consumers of energy, Psychic Vampires exist in many guises but most have a common need to absorb energy because of an inadequate energy production. Of these types some are influenced by an entity while others simply choose to become a psi-vamp. Sometimes they might not even be aware of what they are. The immediate results of such a one-on-one encounter are a new but temporary surge of energy for the Psychic Vampire, and loss of energy for the prey. The unfortunate effects of prolonged energy loss are damage to the energy system itself and in some instances, serious illness.

Types of Psi-Vamps

People who have an entity attached to them

Sometimes an entity will attach itself to a person and cause that person to become a psi-vamp... Sometimes the entity is removable but other times it is not.  Often times the person does not know that they are feeding off of the energy of somebody.

People who decide to be one

These are people who just decide they want to drain energy for a plethora of reasons.  They are not true psi vamps but might think they are because they "burn out" quickly.  This is common in novices and most people eventually grow out of it.  No long lasting effects occur from this though.

People who can not produce sufficient energy

These people may decide to be vamps or they may just begin to feed subconsciously.  They often burn out no matter how much practice they have. This may or may not be fixable depending on the situation.

Helping psi-vamps

People who have an entity attached to them

Sometimes the best thing to do is remove the entity slowly but take care and scan to see how it is connected to the person's energy systems.  If it is too deeply rooted sometimes there will need to be extensive work on someone's energy system before they can produce and use energy again.

People who can not produce sufficient energy

Some have this problem for a multitude of reasons and therefore it can be hard to determine and fix the problem.  The best way to decide how to do it is to scan for the problem. Often times it is nothing serious, but sometimes only drastic measures can help the person.

Shielding is always an option to protect against a psi-vamp.

[Note: Need verification of some of this information, some of it seems a bit off.]