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Name Pyrokinesis
Other Names Fire Manipulation
Type Psychokinesis
Pre-ability Telekinesis
Sub-abilities Pyrogenesis, Pyrokinetic Resistance
Uses To control thing to make them warmer, burn and then control that

Pyrokinesis is the psychic ability to speed up of the naturally occurring vibrations of atoms in matter to alter temperature, possibly to the point of ignition if combustible. At low levels, one could move a candle back and forth. At a higher level, one could put out the flame or making it relight using only the mind. Pyrokinesis is one of the more practiced powers like telekinesis. It could be useful too, for warming people up or setting things a flame. Some training methods are posted below. Pyrokinesis is also known as Heat Manipulation or Fire Manipulation.

Pyrokinetic training

Before you learn any kinesis its best to understand the element first. Here is a quick formular to understand fire and combustion abit more: Oxygen+ Hydrocarbon = Carbon dioxide+Water (+Energy) Think of that like a little ingredient list of combustion.

Get Comfortable With Fire


Try looking at it, feeling its heat. Try getting your hand closer to it, wicking the heat away, then moving even closer.

Psi Ball

This is not a Pyrokinesis training but you must be able to perform it very well to be able to do Pyrokinesis. To make a psi ball use friction from rubbing your hands together; after you are good enough stop using it and just go to the next step. Next have your hands in a claw shape and start putting your hands together in a ball shape, not quite touching, then taking them apart and keep doing that. After that you have to program it. You have to think of words, smells, sounds, images, and everything that goes with a certain thing (ex. fire, light, etc). This tells the psi ball what to do. Lastly you have to shell it. This is where you make a shell of energy around it.

Turning your energy into that compatible with manipulating fire


Converting your energy into thermal energy is very simple, just visualize this energy being converted into heat.

Heating Up

You can do this with a thermometer or judge. The increase in heat by yourself, visualize of the particles in the air speeding up, moving faster, releasing more and more energy. After this you visualize of a thermometer going higher and higher until it shatters. Then, think of an oven heating up this space. After that, visualize of a small ember catching the space into a small fire. Then, visualize of that small fire getting bigger and bigger and bigger until it is a huge bonfire in your head. Use any of these to do this. It works better when you do all of them. In a small enough place after enough training it will burst into flames.

Internal Temperature (thermoregulation)

First you must think of yourself and the air around you burning intensely. Then imagine all of the air around you exploding into you making yourself hotter.

Create combustion

Get in a comfortable position with nothing on your mind, no noise, nothing to distract you. Then cup your hands with one over the other having a bubble of air in between them (hole pointing sideways not up) all of the heat would leave otherwise... Visualize energy rushing through hands; throbbing with energy ... then, visualize the air particles moving harder; hitting the place in between my hands even more putting out energy there... then visualize a thermometer going up until it shatters... after, envision an oven heating up the space in between your hands... then envision a small ember being blown on...getting larger, glowing more and more... then envision a small flame getting larger into a larger flame until only that huge flame is in thoughts..

Temperature Rise ( Of Area )

To start out, stand in a relaxed position, close your eyes, and focus. Picture the air around you seeming wavy because of heat in the area. Try to feel the heat on your body, picture yourself very hot and sweaty. You could also picture a thermostat raising. This could raise the temperature in the area a bit.

  • Burning: The ability to burn, singe and scorch beings and object by touch.
  • Fire Absorption:The ability to absorb flame into his/her body harmlessly.
  • Fire Extinguishing: The character can extinguish a a small fire in his vicinity mental.
  • Pyrokinesis: The power to mentally control and manipulate fire.

Basic putting out fire

  1. Light a match.
  2. Focus on the flame and feel its heat, energy and the flame its self. Concentrate.
  3. Now focus on your energy coming down your arm in which the match is held.
  4. Then visualize it traveling to the flame After that visualize the flame getting smaller and your energy wrapping tighter and tighter round it, suffocating it of oxygen.
  5. Make the energy constrict it more and the flame smaller.
  6. This tech may not work first time like it did for me but practice makes perfect. I really recommend trying this.
Word of Warning: Please be careful when preforming any of the techs on this page. Burns can occur if used wrong!

Thought Processes

  • An Oven heating it the space up.
  • Flint and Steel making fire.
  • An ember in some easily burning material (ex. cloth).
  • A thermometer going up.
  • The molecules going faster and faster and hitting the space harder .
  • Energy flowing through your arms.
  • Energy throbbing in you fingers (when I have enough energy it actually does throb).
  • And bands of energy going from objects of heat (ex. light bulbs, people’s bodies) and going into that space (bands move faster and faster towards the space).
  • Rushing air particles into the space giving off energy into the place transferring heat.
  • Steam or smoke rising from you hands because of the hotness.

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