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Reiki is the technique which is being used to remove or calm the pain from a human or an animal body. Every living being hosts Auras and Ki. Reiki teaches you how to use this Ki, or Mana whatever you call, to heal yourselves or others by using your hands. It actually teaches you how to control the energy current and use it on others.


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Makao Ushui

Traditional Reiki started at 1800 BC, but even in those times they knew that Original Reiki comes from a long long time ago.

In the middle of 1800 BC a man called Mikao Ushui, who knows about the healing techniques, has realized the secret of creation. His test was to meditate for three weeks at a Zen Priory. He got 21 little stones in front of him and he threw one of them at the end of the day. He was only allowed to drink water and meditate. At the end of the 21st day, a bright light came in front of him. It was a white big light. Ushui’s first reaction was to run. But even though he knew that the light could easily kill him, he walked through it. The light shot him from his third eye and Ushui fell. When he opened his eyes he saw symbolic shapes. By that the traditional Reiki was born.

When he was going down the mountain, he injured his foot. His senses told him to hold his foot and when he did, he gave off the pain.

At the mountain’s hill, he found a stranger’s house. The stranger gave him food. They talked about the journey of Ushui and the woman said she had a pain in her mouth. Ushui healed her as a gift of the food.

He went down the mountain and saw many poor people wanting money. He thought them how to heal themselves and others. But the day after, when he saw them wondering for money he became angry. Then he told himself if people want to learn Reiki, they must pay for it in order to show their respect. That’s why the Reiki education is so expensive.

The Reiki Education

If you want to learn Reiki, you must find a master educator.

Reiki 1: Teaches you how to heal yourself, heal others and group healing. It costs 150$.

Reiki 2: Teaches you how to heal somebody far away (even in another country) and more. Reiki Symbols, and opening the Kundalini. Costs 600$

Reiki 3 (master Reiki): Teaches you the Third Level Reiki Symbols. How to teach Reiki and the way through enlightening by Reiki. Costs 10000$

If you find a master who can teach you Reiki for free you can learn Reiki from him or her. But remember that if your teacher is not a master, that means you are not learning Reiki properly.

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