Substituting drinking water via your breathing!

My assumption was that humans could abstain from normal/liquid water sources such as tap, bottled and any pools containing substantial amount by simply relying on the air we breath.

The facts that inspired this idea!

(1) Air contain varying levels of humidity.

(2) Humans have created simple low tech tools that can extract the humidity from the air into potential drinkable water(links to video that prove this point:

(3) The simple tools that allows this to happen can in theory be substituted by our bodies!

Rudimentary breathing technique(could probably use some work)!

(1) Breath half a lung of warm moist air with a wide mouth, inflate cheek with this air like a chipmunk then breath another half a lung of air that is cooled by the narrow opening of your nose, do this in a way that circulates the air. By doing this in theory the warm moist air is cooled into droplets of water you consume.

PS Tonsils are important!

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