• hello everyone,

    gotta ask you something

    has someone actually changed his/her eye color?

    and do the techniques for changing eye color really work?

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    • this video will improve biokinesis when used over time 
      File:Learn Biokinesis - Subliminal Meditation-1
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    • okay

      i'll try it

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    • My eyes turned light blue I noticed after someone talked about the eyes of someone. My eyes were graylightgreen I think, but not blue. Something different, can we change hairs their colors as my hairs show blong, golden, brown, slightly red. I thought originally it was done to me when unconscious. Than, a young woman I saw ones as a beautyful appeareance, she took of her bonnet and shacked her purple hair. Few days later we mett again and her hair was not colored and she said it was never purple. But she seemed also very skinny compairing to how I saw her the first time. I thought of two.

      And ones the front of my hair was long and the rest short, it felt so good tha front, it was so healthy. It took someone few days to make me wake up with my front hair full of nots and dry and broken, etc, totally ruïned.

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    • is this a story?

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    • okay, so you did change eye color, but unconscious, that's cool.

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    • Novawave wrote:
      okay, so you did change eye color, but unconscious, that's cool.

      how did the eye color change go, did it work ?

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    • From the grave.

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    • A FANDOM user
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