aka Jack

  • I live in Queensland, Australia
  • I was born on April 23
  • My occupation is High School Student
  • I am Male
  • 23Abnormal

    Day Eleven

    September 8, 2013 by 23Abnormal

    Ok so update time guys. I have got a new mentor: AlSy! I have not done much more with Aerokinesis but I can make wind move a bit faster and it does so naturally when getting to the chorus of a song I'm listening to. I had a dream where I kept saying that I was dreaming but I wouldn't become lucid and I wasn't very concious. Lastly I may or may not be a natural at Sonokinesis and I will tell you why:

    I've always been known to have a loud voice since well, forever. Now that could mean that maybe the sound particles are amplified because of my natural power over them but that probably isn't the case. The second reason why I may or may not be a natural is that when I was on the bus I was holding an empty coke can, when my music got to the choru…

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  • 23Abnormal

    1/09/2013 - Day Ten

    September 1, 2013 by 23Abnormal

    Well Australia has now arrived at Spring and things are getting quite warmer now. I was taking the bins out and everytime I do I just feel so relaxed and at home when I'm at the front of the property, outside, but only at night. It could be because I'm an introvert or anti-social or it could be that I like night. If it is the second option..... could I be naturally good at Lunarkinesis? That would be cool but I don't think it is the case.

    Anyways today has been busy, I have been writing many posts and comments and honestly I feel genuinely pleased. There is going to be a "Fringe Ability" Category that Nitsualol24, AlSy, Kile574 and I will be working on (I assume Kile would and AlSy, Truely Unknown may help and Okamiden12 but I'm not sure so…

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  • 23Abnormal

    27/08/2013 - Day Nine

    August 27, 2013 by 23Abnormal

    My god, it has been TEN DAYS since my last blog post. Don't worry guys I'm alive haha, I'm also a lazy asshole for not writing another blog. I just kept putting them off because they are so daunting and long and video games exist so I struggle with writing more of these. So just an update, my skeptic friend saw this blog and wrote "Ok no" on the previous one, I told my mum I did weed, she isn't mad so huzza? And lastly, I am getting better at making wind form around my hands in like a bubble shape. I also have a story for you guys so buckle in, it's quite cool. (I don't remember all the story in it's glory and it's facts so bare with me)

    So Ethan was chilling at his work (a supermarket) when all of a sudden he heard someone say hi to him bu…

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  • 23Abnormal

    17/08/2013 - Day Eight

    August 17, 2013 by 23Abnormal

    Alright, I have some weird news. I may or may not have lucid dreamed last night. I will tell you about that then I will write down my third and final theory. If someone could tell me if this actually was a lucid dream or not it would be greatly appreciated.

    In my dream last night it started out near my friends house (whom I no longer keep in touch with) and the area was all overgrown and no houses were there but a tall tower made out of fence material. The tower had a boxed together kind of design and some parts of it stuck out the sides randomly. Somehow four of my friends from my present school were there with me and we entered this tower, at the bottom of the tower was five seats just sitting on a flat piece of material in a rectangular …

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  • 23Abnormal

    15/08/2013 - Day Seven

    August 15, 2013 by 23Abnormal

    Finally a week's worth of blog posts haha. I know I haven't been the best at uploading these but the minimal support and the interest keeps me going! So an update, nothing has happened with Callum or Ethan but I have a bit of a story.

    So I told you guys how I managed to get my hands on weed and that I smoked it and did one try at Aerokinesis and it may have worked better than when I do it sober. Anyways I kept that bag of weed and decided to try some at home so I could test some more of that. I couldn't do it the last time because I was with friends and it is embarrasing and I can't focus around people and I couldn't have done it later in the day because it all wore off. At 11 pm last night I made a make-shift pipe and used that, inside (I …

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