Well have I got two good stories for you guys (in my opinion). I was talking to Ethan (formerly known as E) about what he has done since I last talked to him about it and he gave me a great story and idea. I will tell you the story first, then move onto the idea. Also I have another friend who I talked to about this, his name is Callum and he may be naturally good at Hydrokinesis. He is also going to record his journey so it would be cool to check him out. His name on the wiki is Calli27.

Now Ethan is naturally good at Pyrokinesis we've established that but one day he was practicing near his little area (which has a small waterfall) and he thought "How cool would it be if I could falcon punch?". So that's what he tried to do and succeeded, kinda. He focused all the fire in him and punched but the fire continued off his hand and it went flying into the waterfall a fizzled out.


Fire Punch/Falcon Punch

The Idea he gave me was to move a balloon using air/wind because I'm naturally good at Aerokinesis. But instead of using wind I used air from my mouth, like the 4th Aerokinesis Technique (I did this because I cannot create wind out of nothing just yet). I blew in the opposite direction of where the balloon was standing and manipulated the path of my air to hit the behind of the balloon, it moved so I did it again. I did it enough that it eventually rolled off the table. Ethan tried this but all he did was pop and burn it.

I have filmed myself doing this but It didn't fall off the table in this recording. I can't upload it here because it needs to find a URL and YouTube takes forever to upload a video. 

Anywho that's me for the day, I have been working on three theories. Something I call Phantom Wind. Whether or not what a person is naturally good at affects a persons behavior. And the last one is what happens to a person's hands when they learn that they have these powers (but specifically what powers they are naturally good at). But all those are stories for another day. Thank you for reading!!

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