My god, it has been TEN DAYS since my last blog post. Don't worry guys I'm alive haha, I'm also a lazy asshole for not writing another blog. I just kept putting them off because they are so daunting and long and video games exist so I struggle with writing more of these. So just an update, my skeptic friend saw this blog and wrote "Ok no" on the previous one, I told my mum I did weed, she isn't mad so huzza? And lastly, I am getting better at making wind form around my hands in like a bubble shape. I also have a story for you guys so buckle in, it's quite cool. (I don't remember all the story in it's glory and it's facts so bare with me)

So Ethan was chilling at his work (a supermarket) when all of a sudden he heard someone say hi to him but it wasn't a normal hi which would come out of a mouth, it was a telepathic hi. Ethan then thought "well if your telepathic go get a kitkat and bring it to me and then say 'I don't want this' and put i back". And guess what, she did, didn't see that 


What the punk looked like from the game and life

coming, did yah? (Actually you probably did). When she went to give Ethan her money when they touched Ethan got a shiver and his hands were boiling hot after that, when he was on his break he had a soft drink and he accidentaly boiled it. Furthermore this person who said hi was actually a woman in 'punk' attire, I probed (hehe probed) Ethan for more answers of what she looked like because I was watching a video the 

night before and saw a punk chick in the game and thought to myself "Hey this girl would be a cool looking psychic" and I made up a character in my head. Then the next day he met a psychic punk, (without me telling him about that video) now that seems pretty weird. I showed him a picture of the person in the game and he said it looked like her, so was that a form of manifestation I did? I know manifestation takes years and years to practice and four months just to get like 100 dollars so maybe it was just coincidence or maybe I'm a natural. Regardless it's spooky and cool either way.

Apart from that, I am still trying to get a teacher and I am also trying to manifest the punk again except in my life so maybe she can be my mentor. So thats about it, I haven't really been practicing but I think about it every two seconds. Thanks for reading guys!

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