Hehe, so it has been a while since I uploaded a blog post, sorry about that, internet kept screwing up and I couldn't really research/read up on opening my Third Eye recommended by AlSy. I did get a quick glance at it though and I had a quick read, it seems that I need to repeat the word Thoh in a certain way for three days. I am going to work on opening my third eye for a while and once I get that done, I don't know what I'll progress to has anyone got any Ideas? I was thinking either Telekinesis or Psi Balls.

In other news I went to a going away party for a friend and there was weed there. Now I was just wondering, does weed affect our Psi powers or does it just do nothing? I've heard that it helps you meditate and/or lucid dream easier because you are more relaxed.

Anyways, I know there isn't much here but I really haven't done anything at all apart from do a few repeats of the word Thoh and felt nothing but I know I need to do it for more than what I did so I'm gonna do that for the next 3 days or so. I couldn't upload because of internet problems and I was moving furniture with my dad all afternoon on Saturday. So sorry about that. Thanks for reading :)

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