Yesterday I started repeating the word Thoh like the first tech for opening my Third Eye said to do and I will be doing that for a few more days, as well as reading up on the Psi Ball and how to make one after I open my third eye as it would make creating a Psi Ball much easier. But to keep this interesting I want to tell you about my friend. I won't say his name because I don't know whether he wants it to be known by you guys so I'll just call him E from now on. Oh and he's probably also reading this.

So E's family has basically been psychics but never really used it for anything, basically just for party tricks or something of the sort (just like saying "Hey wanna see something cool? Here watch this spoon bend"). Anyways E's grandmother was the most in touch with this (or just cared more) and she could do all manners of crazy stuff but not to insane like crushing cars. The grandmother then told E's mum (that's how you spell it in Australia) about these psychic powers and how she could have them but she kinda took them for granted. When the mum gets mad she moves objects with-out even trying and one time he told me that she was going to kick the door but it flew open before she could kick. Another person E's family who also has these powers is his Grandmother's Brother who can hardboil an egg just by putting it in between his thumb and index finger, but that's all I've heard.

Now E also has picked up these powers and like how I'm probably naturally good at controlling Air (Aerokinesis) he said that he's naturally good at controlling fire (Pyrokinesis). He said that when he was a baby he was crying and he burned down his house. I know, that's some intense shit. Anyways, one day I was talking to him in class and I brought up this lovely wiki and he got interested so we started talking about it, he told me about the Pyrokinesis abilities he had and he went home and started practicing. He told me he could burn leaves and he started to have better control over this power.

Now I'm not sure whether this is real information but it is cool otherwise and for me quite fascinating. I'm also not sure whether he minds me putting this information up here but hopefully he is. I kept his name hidden so it shouldn't be much of a problem. Also I would like to thank AlSy for helping me along my way and his/her information has been invaluable. Thanks for reading!

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