Usually I upload these blog posts late at night but I wanted to write as soon as possible as something really cool to me happened last night when I was in bed.

Now remembering back to my previous post and how I might be naturally good at Aerokinesis, I thought I should focus on that as well. I did however stop repeating Thoh so I may have to restart that :/. So last night I couldn't sleep so I decided "I should check out the Aerokinesis page and see if I could do some techniques in bed to get me sleepy". Great idea, right? You bet your sweet ass it was.

I chose to do Tech 3 (which should be Tech 4, but whatever) and I sat up and stuck my hands 4 inches in front of my face. I started blowing but instead of imagining my right hand directing the wind to my left hand, I imagined the wind curving to meet my left hand (I also then later imagined my right hand directing it and it also worked). After I did this a few times with no avail it finally happened, a tiny little cold pressure on my left palm. I kept doing it and it got stronger and stronger until I decided to move my mouth around whilst blowing out. The freaky thing was that the cold breeze/pressure also moved around in conjunction with my mouth. I got so excited by this (and who wouldn't) that I lost concentration. I tried later as stated before but it didn't get as strong as before.

Now if you're skeptical and you're thinking "Oh well a fan must've been on". No, no fans were turned on, it's winter here in Australia and I don't want to freeze my balls off. The only fan whirling in my room was my computer fans but they are facing a different direction and they are surrounded by two wooden pieces of furniture and against a wall and the front has a jumper on it (to hide a bright flashing light that keeps me up at night.

So that's it for today. Now I'm thinking that if I don't have any content to upload should I perhaps upload my dreams (I have a dream journal) it could help me lucid dream and in lucid dreams there are recurring features and you guys could help me find them. I don't know, it's just a thought, I don't have too :P. Anyways, thanks for reading!

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