Ok so update time guys. I have got a new mentor: AlSy! I have not done much more with Aerokinesis but I can make wind move a bit faster and it does so naturally when getting to the chorus of a song I'm listening to. I had a dream where I kept saying that I was dreaming but I wouldn't become lucid and I wasn't very concious. Lastly I may or may not be a natural at Sonokinesis and I will tell you why:

I've always been known to have a loud voice since well, forever. Now that could mean that maybe the sound particles are amplified because of my natural power over them but that probably isn't the case. The second reason why I may or may not be a natural is that when I was on the bus I was holding an empty coke can, when my music got to the chorus the can started to vibrate at the same time and manner as the music was going. And lastly, I like my music loud and it gives me such pleasure/joy when I do and I don't know why. It happens with other people but I can't help but theorise these things. I am hoping to get scanned by ML88 soon to see what Otherkin I am (hopefully something awesome) and what my bonding ability is.

I've also gotten back into that Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection phase that I had before joining this wiki. I find it highly facinating and it challenges my Athiest beliefs but I'm not a sceptic. I've been listening to this lady on some podcasts and reading her blogs on her website, it's really quite interesting check it out here: She is also a psychic medium and can talk to dead relatives, talk to your spirit guide, see the future of you or in general, astral project and lucid dream. I've been keeping a dream journal on my phone and I will start doing reality checks tomorrow.

So thats about been it. I tend to not write many things when not much happens but I've got to stay commited. I think I'll try to do lucid dreaming first then Astral Projecting. While I'm there I will ask my spirit guides for help on how to develop psychicly and then I'll do that. I will occasionally practice when I'm not playing video games but Pokemon X and Y is coming out soon and so are the new consoles so I can't guarentee everything haha. Anyways thats been it, thanks for reading. 

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