So I am sort of new to this whole Wikia shi-bang. But I'll just cut right to the chase. I am a high-school student who is living in Australia.

I will be making daily blogs/updates on how I am progressing through this wild world of Psionics and Kinetic abilities, these blogs are for any one to enjoy but I will be making them as a motivation of some sort and a long-winded tutorial for beginners to follow. It will mainly cover me learning new abilities and how I did it and bits of my daily life. It can be read as stories or guides so it's for beginners or veterans to read and view. Now I'm not saying that I will definitely upload these each day, and I might not even develop any abilities but this will keep me going and I will try my hardest to achieve these powers. In regards to uploading every day, I have exams and assignments coming up as I near my final years at school and sometimes games might come between me and the Psi-Wiki. I will accept different methods and I will try to answer questions in the comments but if I don't know I can't help you there. Thank you guys for your time reading this and I wish all of you will continue reading.

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