• Abaddon-of-imperium

    Emmidiate disclaimer. This may not work on everyone but is how I do this Telekinesis thing.

    1. Gather energy into myself. I do this until I feel like I have enough or in extreme excersise I charge until I am full to the brim.

    2. Gather energy into my cupped hands.(you can gather energy where ever you want to.) The reason for gathering energy in my hands is to have a ready source of energy under my control to use. (I never really got the psi ball down so its just a glub of more or less leaking energy.)

    3. Be certain of what my intention is and what I want to do. This part I personnally go through due to my double sided mind. So if you already absolutly sure of what you want to do then skip this.

    4. Think about the atomic function of the item th…

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  • Abaddon-of-imperium

    I have been practicing Telekinesis for over a year now and learned many things among them were how to use Telekinesis as I have viewed it as a mucsle. (the ideal to compare it like that was from the movie Chronicles.) 

     The way I see it is that we each have a set limit to what we can do. Example is one can start TK by ony turning a paper stuck on a needle, than with much training can move a pen back and forth with little effort. Although no matter how much training one would never be able to move a thirty pound weight around.(this is an example if you can move a thirty pound weight I then ask you to document it as furthering the evidence of PK.)

    As one would learn this ability it as any other muscle would be very hard to learn how to use. Un…

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