aka Jeremiah

  • I live in Organ
  • I was born on March 5
  • I am An Acroagnostic aerokinetic
  • AcroagnosticAerokinetic

    I'm just wondering since I have seen people on here who claim they're 10 and younger. Also the fact that I strain to comprehend their spelling. Why are kids more attracted to psionics than adults/adolescent people. Not that it's neccessarily a bad thing but still.

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  • AcroagnosticAerokinetic

    I have looked at a lot of articles on this wiki. Most where real, some where fake. And even the ones that where real had some gramatical errors and false techniques/information about it. I think we should somehow "reset" Psiwiki. Like a clean slate. Starting with very detailed articles about the four main elements (Aerokinesis, pyrokinesis, geokinesis, hydrokinesis) And then moving onto sub-elements (Cyrokinesis, photokinesis, biokinesis etc.) And then moving on from there. I realize this might take awhile, and if we are really going to do this (That is if enough people agree) then I suggest we make an archived copy of the website before so we still have the old and non-false information. Whadya say PsiWiki? Good idea or no?

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