aka Ahmed Rashwan

  • I live in om el donia
  • I was born on March 19
  • My occupation is student
  • I am male
  • Ahmedrashwan

    Astral Creatures .... Do they really exsist like ethric one ?

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  • Ahmedrashwan

    does someone know how to connecting with dragons...if someone does i will be happy to teach me ?!

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  • Ahmedrashwan

    the truth about jing

    September 26, 2014 by Ahmedrashwan

    Hi all ..another post without interdiction...lets make this direct and short

    the truth about jing..when we saying "jing" in psionic site we mean about energy..jing words means alot of things like left..Chinese medicine..and etc
    some ppl saying the jing it's energy having physical effect by dense energy in bones..well (sry) that's not true
    jing it's energy used in marital arts Dim mak (art that focus the hits on energy points..make target faint on ground or worse..death) however..generate jing (or fa jing ) it's not easy like 1- dense energy 2-blablablabla etc it's need many roots practicing and meditations and be more clearly..jing or fa jing in martial art means inertial or inner force's like push someone about meter… Read more >
  • Ahmedrashwan

    i removed my chakras :)

    September 7, 2014 by Ahmedrashwan

    Just after thinkn..i removed them lol..I asked some ppl who they remove their chakras and they said that they felt unlimited and more controllable energy.. Let's try example..try to move energy through ur body stomach,chest and guts (without meditation of course) u may sense it but hardly..chakras job it's limiting ur energy in regular movement or u can't control all of it..(don't worry u can astral project) However..the chakras r not completely's making the energy limited and regular for normal ppl (who they not know thing about psi) So I did meditation on bed..I connect with chakras one by one..from bottom to the top and then I visualized it explode to be removed..I got feeling like I'm bleeding from inside..that se…

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  • Ahmedrashwan

    Hi all..tdy I'm gonna post how to make things's not easy....but if that just could be here's the tech..first of all u need to do first on objects practice ur mind on it..and to be like testing follow this steps

    1-place object in front of u 2-clear ur mind and connect with the object.. 3-visualize that the photons going through the object from all directions..that's will make u see through the object and it will make the object invisible.. 4- keep visualizing for 10 mins at may not work in the first time ..but if u saw the colors changing then u r in the right way..keep practice every day to male fully invisible

    In science..every thing we watch it it's because the reflected photons (r…

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