Just after thinkn..i removed them lol..I asked some ppl who they remove their chakras and they said that they felt unlimited and more controllable energy.. Let's try example..try to move energy through ur body stomach,chest and guts (without meditation of course) u may sense it but hardly..chakras job it's limiting ur energy in regular movement or u can't control all of it..(don't worry u can astral project) However..the chakras r not completely's making the energy limited and regular for normal ppl (who they not know thing about psi) So I did meditation on bed..I connect with chakras one by one..from bottom to the top and then I visualized it explode to be removed..I got feeling like I'm bleeding from inside..that sense stoped after while..but now I can make my energy more controllable and I feel It unlimited and smoothly to control..smoothly like water or neon..i did that tdy by the way (and I didn't get any negative effects) however..if u r psy vamp then u ability to absorb energy will be less effective ( I'm psy vampire by the way :_< )

Goodbye forever chakras techniques XD .. Thnx all

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