Hi all..tdy I'm gonna post how to make things's not easy....but if that just could be here's the tech..first of all u need to do first on objects practice ur mind on it..and to be like testing follow this steps

1-place object in front of u
2-clear ur mind and connect with the object..
3-visualize that the photons going through the object from all directions..that's will make u see through the object and it will make the object invisible..
4- keep visualizing for 10 mins at may not work in the first time ..but if u saw the colors changing then u r in the right way..keep practice every day to male fully invisible

In science..every thing we watch it it's because the reflected photons (reflected by the object)..and then eyes catch this photons and then we can see..but in this tech we actually making the photons going through the object and that's how we can make it invisible

...if u wanna make ur self invisible then do the same but in mediation ..but I highly recommend on object first

cya later guys In next post..i may post gravitkinesis techs next time..cya

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