Hi all ..another post without interdiction...lets make this direct and short

the truth about jing..when we saying "jing" in psionic site we mean about energy..jing words means alot of things like left..Chinese medicine..and etc
some ppl saying the jing it's energy having physical effect by dense energy in bones..well (sry) that's not true
jing it's energy used in marital arts Dim mak (art that focus the hits on energy points..make target faint on ground or worse..death)
however..generate jing (or fa jing ) it's not easy like 1- dense energy 2-blablablabla etc
it's need many roots practicing and meditations and be more clearly..jing or fa jing in martial art means inertial or inner force's like push someone about meter away or longer then 5 meters or longer with one hand push..type "fa jing" in YouTube and u will know what I's video to know more

I didn't meant that energy can't effect on physical..yes energy can..i just correct the false info..i know I said that twice so don't say :u don't say so ?!

Hope that I clarified this

thnx all

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