{ before we sry about bad english ... and i hope no one of admins delete my blog pls T_T..... and im not aspects my talk on someone }

person:this ability its fake

me:did u try it before...or r u have proof ?

person: no ... but u try and then we will belive in it

me: -_-

okay....if that person was in front of me i wish i would i cut his throt

one of my problmes i had it before...and i see it look like...frustating ...i saw it many times in this site 

its fake { he didnt try it before }..okay..some people evade this abilitis like teleport ..quantikinsis..etc..and they tried magic...the easy way..because they just saying its impassiable...and they didnt try it before

dont be like scarecrow in farm just looking from far away without moving...dont say its fake and u didint try it before...just try .... and if its impassible and u tried it before....then its suffcient the honor of attempt to u

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