aka Alexander

  • I live in Haifa, Israel
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am An Astral Being
  • Alexanderok

    In this blog i Will tell you Two of My astral Projection Experiences that felt like they we're succsesfull

    The first one "I was lying down in My bed it was night, after some time of relaxing maybe like 5 minutes it felt like My left leg was lifting and then falling and vibrating, then nothing happend after that"

    The second one "I was lying down in My bed It was night, after some time of relaxing maybe like 10 minuter i started thinking about My body like a picture automatically, then everything went white like a really bright light automatically, then the picture disappeared, in 5 minutes i was just feeling My body relaxing, i've felt some tingeling sensations and my body temperature got colder, then My finger moved automatically and everythi…

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  • Alexanderok

    This will be a list of questions that i want to know about Astral Projection

    I am doing a blog post because it will be disturbing for everyone in the chat if i asked every of my question in the chat!

    • Does it exists angels in the Higher Frequency Realms?
    • If it exist angels can i communicate with them?
    • Can i wake my friends Astral Body up?
    • Do i see peoples like human beings or like energy?
    • Is everything in Real Time?
    • Can something hurt you?
    • When you wake up do you "Teleport" back into your body?
    • Can i show myself for someone that is on the "Earth" so they can see me?
    • How do i enter the Akashic Records?

    That's all for now, please if you know some of the answers write them in the comments.. And yeaah sorry if i am not allowed to make a post.

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