This will be a list of questions that i want to know about Astral Projection

I am doing a blog post because it will be disturbing for everyone in the chat if i asked every of my question in the chat!

  • Does it exists angels in the Higher Frequency Realms?
  • If it exist angels can i communicate with them?
  • Can i wake my friends Astral Body up?
  • Do i see peoples like human beings or like energy?
  • Is everything in Real Time?
  • Can something hurt you?
  • When you wake up do you "Teleport" back into your body?
  • Can i show myself for someone that is on the "Earth" so they can see me?
  • How do i enter the Akashic Records?

That's all for now, please if you know some of the answers write them in the comments.. And yeaah sorry if i am not allowed to make a post.

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