So I got some advice from TheAdfeng here on the Wikia. While before last night I was searching the internet for people who could teach me UmbraK, I have now decided to carve a path as a psion in training myself. Last night, after what has become my nightly meditation for the past year or so I began to think on how to begin creating two things.

1. Training/Practice

2. Techniques

The first thing I aimed to do was expand the shadow of my door (It was slightly open revealing light from the hallway). I sat there for about 30 minutes with no real results. Putting that idea to slumber I thought about theoretical Dark Matter. I tossed away the thought quickly to be honest. Then I remembered an article I read when I had first joined the Wiki in 2013. Ki Ball. I decided to attempt to create a ki ball but this time to "Gather the Shadows". During a span of 20+minutes a short 5 second long darkness occured between my palms. (Ki Ball creation requiring the look of holding an actual ball.) So this is certainly something. I'm going to continue this refining this idea for a while. I'm also going to research dark matter...I dunno if its gonna work to be frank.

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