Hey guys well yesterday I did the training I had promised and well.  The meditation (I did beginner's meditation as last night was my first time utilizing it.  I did meditation a few times throughout the day and throughout the day I also worked on my Psi Ball technique.  I managed to create a weakone with the force of a light breeze.  However, the ball would shock me each time I tried it out.  Last night I meditate before I began purely electrokinesis training.  All day yesterday i had been feeling tingly and staticy and even getting shocked at tandom moments.  Well last night I continually attempted to do a thread of electricity between my index fingers.  Well I had no luck, however compared to the night before it was a stronger amount of electricity or maybe a higher voltage not by much of course.  By the time I was done (30 minutes) I was glad I was in bed because I was too tired to move.  Well toight I might just try to push my limits.  Only time will tell! :)

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