OFCOURSE! Anyone can learn it, but you need the mental stamina. Meaning, you have to believe! Faith, trust, and ki balls. Wow that was cheesy.  But, what I'm saying is true. Many used to have the ability we're trying to learn now. We used to be masters at this. But now?

 It's gone. Our third eyes have been closed, and our spirituality has been isolated from us from decades. The main reason for this, I believe, is when religion became popular. Many would probably know this, but if you don't there you go. What else could it have been! Christianity has ruined our faith to do great physical things because we all thought that we would anger a god. I'm a born and raised Christian, and I believe theres more. If you're new at this, keep working. I can tell you, you are probably excelling more than I am  because I am failing. Have I stopped? NO! Do I question my sanity? YES! All the time in fact. But you all have to remember, if you truley believe, keep going. You might just be close to it. Religion has just brought you back a few steps, but you're almost there. Keep going. :D


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