• Angelicz

    Hello PsiWiki, this page is a milestone, so that the founder of our site cannot be forgotten.

    Let it be known on this day, January 24, 2015, that  the undisclosed name of our site's founder is being set in stone at this time, 1:48 AM.

    The founder of our site, according to is (garddog),

    The log entry states: ( 09:21, August 14, 2007 Angela (wall | contribs) changed group membership for User:GardDog from (none) to administrator and bureaucrat )


    Our Founder

    Proof of him being founder

    Thank you for reading, and please do not delete this, admins, as it is an important piece of psiwiki history


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  • Angelicz

    Sorry guys (if u actually care), but I am leaving.

    I am confirming this 95%, and may come back if someone wants me to (which I find unlikely)

    The one point of the site is to learn psionics, which I did not come back to do; I came back because I had a desire to become a mod here.

    I had this desire because I regretted being previously demoted, and felt (I still do feel this way now) that I was qualified to do. At this point nobody else believes this.

    Plus, I was barely on (I would've been on more as a mod, but still...).

    Therefore, I am leaving, and perhaps permanently as well, unless someone asks me to come back (which is again, unlikely).

    If you want to talk at all about anything, add me on skype: themasterepic

    Thank you for reading (if you did),…

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  • Angelicz


    September 11, 2014 by Angelicz

    Hello everyone, let's make this brief, okay?

    I'm angelicz, formerly TME, blah blah blah, moving on.

    I am taking a leave of absense because I am busy, and also no longer wish to have any part in whatever the hell is going on with the site right now.

    I shall announce in another blog post whether I will permanently leave,but for now, don't expect me.

    If you wish to talk, add me on skype: themasterepic

    Grazie, Arrivederci!


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  • Angelicz


    July 4, 2014 by Angelicz

    Ignore the big, capital letter title, it is just to get your attention to the probelms this site is facing today.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't think the site is completely broken. It is currently in good standing, but is extremely volatile.

    Let me give you some background info so you don't think I am in no place to criticize and try to fix.The last time I visited this site was october 2013, so some 10 months ago. I was fully a member here until March 2013 when I did bad things and got my main account, TheMasterEpic, and my backup, MLGPRO banned. I hate not getting info on shit like this, and in effort to not be too much of a hypocrite, I'll tell you now, I attempted to blackmail EinsVanCat after I thought I was treated unfairly and got both m…

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  • Angelicz

    Hello. Most of you don't remember or know me, but that small,

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