Arro Yunora

aka Jamari

  • I live in Anywhere I am needed.
  • I was born on April 8
  • My occupation is Author / Illustrator
  • I am The Male
  • Arro Yunora

    I feel like i'm being thrusted into it. I wanna explore Muladhara more. but i took a glance at this one and found out that its about the feeling i am experiencing now... So.. I guess i'll get into it very, very soon.

    Gimme a few days, but i'll finally get into Svadhisthana in a bit.

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  • Arro Yunora

    How to learn Psionics

    November 15, 2016 by Arro Yunora

    Hay there Mr/Mrs learner, how are you doing today!

    You must be the type curious of the wonderment of Psionics. Maybe you've been practicing, but haven't made much success? Or perhaps you've been asking for help, yet whenever you get an answer, it doesn't really seem to give you the answer you are looking for. If you are even lucky enough to get an answer in the first place.

    Maybe perhaps you've even lost that spark. That curiousity that at once felt strong and dedicated, you were the model learner of what it took to become a Psionic. You practiced and practiced, but as time went on the results were not quite what you expected they would be. That undefeatable belief you had in being open to Psionics at first even started dying down the longer…

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  • Arro Yunora

    The ES P's and Q's returns.

    My goal for this week and the next consecutive 6 weeks that follow in no particular time restraint is to learn Chakra's.

    I know that chakra doesn't technically count as as an ESP but that can be argued, and even if I am wrong I don't care. I feel like learning the in's and out's of every chakra on a conscious level. I want to be able to know if I am wrong or not.

    Most people understand that energies can be learned in a matter of minutes depending on how advanced you are, and that spending a week on developing one specific energy and controlling it is a waste.  My answer to that is

    No fughs given.

    MULADHARA CHAKRA: The red (Root) Chakra.

    My goal is to understand and list specific points of interests that I recieve from a…

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  • Arro Yunora

    Does Psionics exist?

    August 30, 2016 by Arro Yunora

    You know now that I think about it i'm probably not the best person to make this a blog, since my answer differs adversely to what many members here would like to say. But this really isn't just about the actual answer to the question, else i'd just put it into the Q/A.

    I want to address a common question many people ask when joining the site, or like myself would just like to know due to issues with our own experience. Its a question that should be so simple to answer! I mean, how can a community of psionics not know what should be the simpliest question on the site!

    Does Psionics exist?

    ...Well does it?

    From what I understand about psionics the answer will always be either a yes or a no, without a solid answer taken over by the majority of u…

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  • Arro Yunora

    Hi peoples.

    This is a little experiment I thilk i'll be working on for the next few months, and that is Discussions all revolving around the specific topic in Extrasensory Perception. Why ESP specifically? Lemme give a lil intro of myself.

    Been around psionics for awhile, nothing really impressive has happened to me. I was interested in kinetics not too long ago, but with the lack of content i'd like to agree on the interest sort of died. So instead I decided to work on things more... I dunno acceptable? Yea i'm not all that interesting beyond that, lol.

    The idea for this blog is simply to discuss personal understandings on what the ability of choice is, how it's done, and if any progress can be made within the week. Why a week? Only to get t…

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