So this is more an idea then something i'm suggesting. Even while im typing right here i'm still thinking on how to go about something like this.

It's kinda like a Mentor 2.0.

The basic idea is to create groups of individuals whom all have an interest in or revolving around a certain category of abilities. The groups are then there mainly to discuss, help out, and explain things revolving around an ability. They talk about how to do a certain ability, ask on what they could do to improve themselfs and achieve the ability or just improve it in general, and even give experiences that they can go over about the ability.

Using myself as an example, i'm still trying to get energy manipulation down pact and solid, not exactly master, but be pretty adept at it. I wanna cultivate and utilize energy more efficiently, and I definitely want to be able to see energy so I wanna get better at visualization. So instead of hoping that someone on the chat or on the site can sit there and mentor me through the processes, I can just meet up with someone in that group and talk about whatever it is I need to talk about.

There can be all sorts of groups to!

Ones about Magick, a group strictly about telekinesis, a group wanting to learn the Four elemental kinetic abilites, just whatever. If we had something like that we can all find information from members of that group and find out if we really do want the ability, or just learn about it and find it's not something you are as interested in.

The most important thing though is that we have a group of people who can all help whenever any of them can get the chance instead of one mentor. We can go over experimental techniques and theories and ideas and it all be welcomed amongst individuals whom also have an interest in it!

If we had a group specializing in an ability together, then we'd have more experts and hopefully credible members to listen to.

I really would like to have a group of Energy Manipulators whom i can study along with and give and recieve advice from.

Hmm.. This is rough, but I suppose i'll work on the idea a little more. More importantly, I wanna know how everyone else feels about this idea.

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