Hey guys. As most of you would know by not seeing my name that much, I am new to this site.I had discovered that I am a psychic about two years ago, working on those abilities, but then I realized that if being psychic is real, that telekinesis is real too. So after some reasearch, I found this site, and its been very helpful.

    So, I was looking through the list of abilities page, and that's  when it hit me. We could help the earth. Carieskinetic could decompose all of that garbage we humans have been putting onto earth, because they can decompose inorganic matter too. Cryokinetics could keep the icebergs and ice caps from melting. Aerokinetics can reverse the pollution in the air with the air purify technique. Thermokinetics can lower the temperataure a little bit. Hydrokinetics can take the pollution out of the water, so then Carieskinetics could decompose that. Radiokinetics can get rid of all of the radiation from chernobyl, hiroshima, nagasaki, and tokyo, turning the radioactive elements to decay into stable, nonradioactive isotopes.
    I've  been thinking that we could have teams of hydro and pyrokinetics to create fog, also atmokinetics, so the clean up can't  be seen. And maybe if there are any advanced chronokinetics out there they could slow down time so that we could do our work faster.
    I'm sure I left other things out but we could fix these problems! 

I hope you thought this was a good idea! :D

                              -Avatar Pumreeah

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