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    The Community

    August 5, 2013 by Avinious

    Alright, so we've got the wiki itself slowly coming together.

    It's information is being sorted out, it's got people who are working on making it look great and nice, making things better.

    That's all fine and good.

    But what about the people of the community?

    So far, the community itself has gone to hell.

    Nobody really gets along or tries to communicate about what they're doing.

    There is absolutely -no- conversation about psionics in chat.

    People fight on a daily basis.

    Do you really think people want to join a community like this?

    We need to work on our communication as people, not just on the wiki's information, but on how we are to one another.

    The rudeness needs to end, the complete lack of care about eachother needs to be fixed.

    I know I never say…

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