For those of you who know me, I've tried my best to lead all of you on a path of becoming the potential psychics (or psions or whatever you to call yourself (just don't call yourself Superman, Super Saiyan, Supergirl, etc. please...just don't...) you can possibly be. Also, I've been seeing a lot of people on here arguing on the fact and fiction of a technique or even an entire ability. There have also been incidents of users just trying to make the psychics/psions look like a bunch of science fiction fans sharing their ideas with others (that's what roleplaying websites are for). Still, I'm largely unknown on this site and because of that, not many people will care to wish me farewell. Regardless, I've found the way that I once lost and now I no longer need to be on this website. To those who notice why there are not many people on this website, it's more then likely due to people noticing the popularity of psionics dwindling (that or their day-to-day concerns got the better of them). The reason for this is due to the general public (including this website not being informed on the knowledge being hidden by the world governments). I highly suggest anyone reading to start doing research on the following subjects: Illuminati, Free Masons, Shadow Government, Project Blue Beam, Project Blue Book, New World Order, The Georgia Guidestones, Royal Bloodlines (from the Royal Family of Great Britian, The Rockefellers, The Bushes, The Rothchildes, etc.), Council of Foreign Relations is the Illuminati of the U.S., Reverse Engineering of Extraterrestrial Craft, Bilderberg Group, Global Elite, Bill Gates is a part of the New World Order agenda, etc. Note: I am NOT  a conspiracy theorist, I'm just someone who wants to know what's REALLY going on in the world rather then listen to the music (really it's subliminal messaging) from the illuminati puppets Eeminem, Katy Perry, Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Mily Cyrus, Lil Wayne, and the list goes on..... Ask yourself these questions: Who am I as a psychic/psion?, Do I really know myself as well as I think I do?, What do I need to do to become a better psychic/psion?, What have I been putting into my mind and if it's bad, how should I rid myself of this?, etc. (I can not make up every possible question a psion would ask , so if possible, just ask youself some questions and focus on what you want to accomplish in the art of psionics). One more thing, what's really going on in the world has more to do with psionics then you think you know. Goodbye to all practicioners of the Sacred Art of Psionics and find a clear path that will lead you to a journey full of awakening and wonder. The Victor signing out....

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