This is a two part series I will be starting. Now then, here's the rumination part 1: "Within one's self, they find the field of many walls and blocked passages. One may see this as being a so called "brain". This "brain" conducts activity that's supposed to create memories and other fixtures using differentiating functions. Including the gland in which a useful power is locked within; this power can see the realm unbeknownst to the physical realm in which all living creatures reside. Those who have broken this cage understand what I mean by this. There is also another power that is much more useful than this power. This power is located deep within the source of all inner energies. This power requires one to break their set limits in order to reach this power. The name of this power has many names. Two of them are: the deep feeling, and the lost power. This power makes all other energy based abilities seem like child's play even to those who have a considerable amount of experience and control over their abilities. This power...could change..." Part two coming soon.

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