Unbeknownst to mankind, the Mayans secretly affiliated themselves with Zeta Rectilius aka the Greys. And almost everything that the Mayans built was intended on deceiving their descendants into believing that the world would end on 12/21/12. On the contrary, the Mayans deceived the Greys into believing that they tricked their ancestors but in reality, the Mayans warned us of a different message: Their Plan which can only be accessed by entering the 7th Demension. One would say by now: "How and where did you find this information?" Well for starters I did research in the astral realm on how to access the 7th dimension. As for what the Greys called their plan, It had different names but these two names being the most significant: "the Ultimate Plan" and "The New Beginning". Their plan is this: colonize this planet by creating Urantian/ Terranian(humans)/Zeta Rectilius hybrids. Although this has come from reports of abductees who claimed to have been "experimented on" by the "Zeta Rectilans". This phenomenon has been occurring for longer then most know. In fact, this has been going on ever since the Zeta Rectilus became aware of the Urantians/Terranians developing on planet Urantia/Terra/Earth. They are creating hybrids in order to finish the plan that they developed long ago. This is bad for all Urantians/Terranians(I'm just going to say Urantians) because the Greys feed off human essence. And if their plan is completed, the earth will no longer inhabited by Urantians but by other species("Reptilians", "Draconians"and others although this planet has been visited by other species for many millennia. This would be one of the worst possible outcomes to come from this or even the worst outcome of them all. "There is more then meets the eye".

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