Remember when you were taught in mathematics, that the division of zero is undefined? Im here to tell you that that is a lie. In fact, we divide by zero each and every day, how?, well it all begins in the mind; when you create a thought and then that thought becomes a decision, you have to divide your thought into two paths, you either go up or down, left or right, etc. So when you make a choice, you just divided by zero.

IN DEPTH: the thought process- "something that is conceived in the mind." What does that mean? Well, thought is the foundation of every academic discipline and it is what gives us ideas, proposals, and compromises. The actual thought process is a series of computations by the brain itself, the first thoughts that actually comes to mind is: how to adapt and how to survive. Of course, these thoughts influence many aspects of our behavior and our train of thought. After those thoughts influence us. Babies are the perfect example of this concept.The only things babies worry about is the basic necessicites in order to survive. Anyways, the combination of computations from the brain form images, sounds, emotions, and speech within the mind.

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