There are some people who are born with psychic abilities. These people are called born psychics. This is a gift and a curse because the psion can't always turn their ability\abilities off making it hard to focus(it can be harder depending on the ability). If someone was born with telepathy he/she would always be hearing people's thoughts. If a person was born with clairsentience it would be easier to focus. A person can be born with more then one ability. This can make it even harder to focus. Emotions can effect the person's ability control their ability(if he/she can) by causing it to activate if they are in an emotional state. A born psychic can train their ability/abilities to make stronger or get better at using them.

Natural Psychics

A natural psychic is just a person who is really good at an ability and it comes naturally to him/her. This is not the same as being a born psychic. To be a born psychic a person has to have been able to do an ability wit out knowing it since birth. A born psychic doesn't need to use any techs or focus.

Sources Personal experience


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