Since there is no official FAQ im making 1

Can we use these abilities in combat?-No it takes to long to focus you will get the crap beaten out of you.

Can we use this like Bending?-No you can't use these abilities to that extent 

Can you permanently take and or mimic someone's abilities-You can block someone's abilities but it's not permeant. Also you can't to any extent mimic anyone's abilities

Can you make a umbraK page-no umbraK is controlling darkness(the absence of light) so photoK is the same thing.

How do I find my natural Kinesis-You don't have a natural kinesis. Some people just learn stuff faster.

Does Astrology effect psionics-Nope sorry

What ability should I choose-We can't help that suck it yup and pick 1

Those are a few hope it helps

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