As the title says I'm leaving. This place just seems different more stressed out. This place taugh me a lot and for that I'm greatful and I will use what I learned here to improve but it seems like no one here actully cares about learning and more about the politics of this site. With anti-Horsy rants and anti-Kile rants and how this site is going down in flames it's immature and pointless. Now not everyone is like that on this site and those people kept me here for awile but there are way less people keeping me here then people who piss me off.

I don't have all bad things to say about this site. It's what got me into psionics and I have experienced so much in the time of being here and using what psiwiki has taught me that my life has changed forever. Not only has it taught me psionics and magick but it has changed me as a person. I have met people who I would have never met before and because of that my veiws have changed and I feel that I am a better more accepting person then I was before. If you want to keep in contact my skype is kyle_erickson192 but I don't check it that much. Goodbye Psiwiki.

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