Hey guys I saw the mentorship program and I though thank god someone to help me but then I saw that it's not operational. I understand that there is a age gap on this wiki and the younger users are kind of immature compared to the older users but I think that this wiki needs the mentorship program so I have a few ideas.

1. The people who want to be trained have to message the teachers via their message wall(if you are a teacher then you should have that somewhere on your page)

2. The teacher then gives you a quiz on the subject to see if you have a basic understanding of the subject. If you pass the quiz then your score gets compared to everyone else's scores to see who gets in.

3. If you do pass then the teacher and the student set up a time were the teacher can teach the student over messaging(PM,Skype,Kik etc.)

4. The actual teaching can last for about a mouth at a time so the teacher isn't over whelmed but you could ask the teacher for help at anytime. You can reapply every other mouth but after the first time the teacher can deny if he/she feels they have taught you enough or your not taking it seriouly etc. If you apply a second time there is no quiz

Tell me what you guys think I understand if there is no one who can teach.

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