Hey guys this is another bitchy blog about how this wiki sucks. It's not Kile and Horsy's faults so don't even start bitching about them in the comments. It's not the staff members fault(even if they have been doing a bad job imo). You want to know who's fault it is? Us! All of us! We sit here and bitch about how this wiki is off topic,how the staff are corrupt,how horsy starts drama. Open your eyes and see that drama can't start with out other people to spread it around. Open your eyes and see that bitching about being off topic doesn't get you on topic. Open your eyes and see that running a website is hard. OPEN YOUR EYES. We all ruined this wiki together. We bitch and bitch and bitch thats all we do! How many of you pratice regulary? I do. I was making constructs in my bed this morning. A few days ago I was healing people. How many of you make time to pratice? Now lets look at the staff. You all say they are biased and corrupt but look at your selfs. We are all biased. We all rush to judgment,and make descions based on whats better for us at some point. Have you guys ever noticed that you guys are being biased to horsy? Yes she does go off topic and "starts drama",but look at you guys. You add to it and you go off topic way more then horsy does! I don't even know why you hate her so much if your nice to her you will find that she's a really nice person who got fed up with this wiki hating her for no reason. She's added a lot to this wiki.Some of the pages she wrote or helped write are just to name a few. Now back to the staff. Yes Kile is doing a shitty job of running this site. It doesn't help that we all bitch about it. Instead of bitching we should help get this wiki back on topic. If you ever want to talk about psionics,magick,non-humans,otherkin,or any other supernatural topic message me on my wall or talk to me in the chat.

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