• Caleb Lee Lambright

    Entry 2 1:32PM 10/15/2012

    well i tried to Do six hours of Meditation today

    didnt quite do it

    i woke up at 7

    i didnt write down my dream because i think it was more of a lucid dream

    but i woke up at seven

    brushed my teeth

    masturbated for 3 mins

    took a shower

    put on my clean cloths

    wore green my lucky color

    i am a taurus and snake

    i started at 8 oclock

    meditated untill 10:30

    it was very difficult to Hear only my breathing

    i had to turn off all my fans and lights and wear ear plugs

    and close my eyes

    when the sunlight came into my room from my windows i had to close my eyes

    because id see my reflection in the tv and that is distracting

    i managed to have as much silence as possible

    counting my breaths

    1 .....inhale 2 exhale etc

    going into patterns like this

    1 2 1 2 1…

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  • Caleb Lee Lambright

    My Abilitys

    October 14, 2012 by Caleb Lee Lambright

    Entry 1 5:09AM SC USA 10/14/2012

    i have allways wanted to be a Hero

    have powers and use them for Good

    not evil.

    and to be a sacrificial lamb so to speak a martry for good

    i have attempted to move Fire twice with my mind pyrokinesis

    i have Failed to seen anything supernatural or paranormal

    but i havent given up yet

    i am starting electro kinesis classes

    altho i missed my first class damn it

    i hate not being able to even show my worth

    i am allways a good student and teachers pet

    but i am NEVER going to be Greater then my Teacher

    if i grow

    my teacher grows

    the relationship between student and teacher must be STRONG

    dispite my doubts

    and Beliefs

    i am willing to take a shot

    open up a door of unknown

    hoping to evolve into a Hero

    Like Peter Petrelli from heroes hehe


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