Entry 1 5:09AM SC USA 10/14/2012

i have allways wanted to be a Hero

have powers and use them for Good

not evil.

and to be a sacrificial lamb so to speak a martry for good

i have attempted to move Fire twice with my mind pyrokinesis

i have Failed to seen anything supernatural or paranormal

but i havent given up yet

i am starting electro kinesis classes

altho i missed my first class damn it

i hate not being able to even show my worth

i am allways a good student and teachers pet

but i am NEVER going to be Greater then my Teacher

if i grow

my teacher grows

the relationship between student and teacher must be STRONG

dispite my doubts

and Beliefs

i am willing to take a shot

open up a door of unknown

hoping to evolve into a Hero

Like Peter Petrelli from heroes hehe

anyways i have allways had weird dreams

dejavu moments

iv read things like the key of solomon

and The 6th and seventh book of moses

the most interesting thing ive never been able to explain

besides sometimes clear and vivid dreams

or dejavue moments

is when i put my hands over my eyes i see This tunnel of bricks i used to do this alot as a kid

but now as a 23 year old man i do it less

and then i see it a Light Ring

then the Light Ring turns GOLDEN

Bright as can be and if i consontrate i can see it clearly

then it disapears

then it re apears

i do not know what this means

is it a psycic ability in my mind

or is it me just hurting my eyes by applying pressure

i dont know

but i am keeping an open mind

another thing i recently have learned to do

is stare up into the sky at the sun

and without directly staring at the sun

and crossing my eyes a little

i see it

Millions of Little White dots in the Sky

is it me just going crazy

or is it just the air particles

or is it psycic chi

or is it a barier

i am a Taurus and Snake in astrology

along with my other Astrology signs

you can visit and Type in the Dates

April 29th 1989 7:10 AM Lakeland polk Florida

if you want to know my Astrology readings etc

i dont know if there is Magic/Magick or psycic powers

but i am determaned to be a Prophet and find out

Maybe this Xavier can help me

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