Entry 2 1:32PM 10/15/2012

well i tried to Do six hours of Meditation today

didnt quite do it

i woke up at 7

i didnt write down my dream because i think it was more of a lucid dream

but i woke up at seven

brushed my teeth

masturbated for 3 mins

took a shower

put on my clean cloths

wore green my lucky color

i am a taurus and snake

i started at 8 oclock

meditated untill 10:30

it was very difficult to Hear only my breathing

i had to turn off all my fans and lights and wear ear plugs

and close my eyes

when the sunlight came into my room from my windows i had to close my eyes

because id see my reflection in the tv and that is distracting

i managed to have as much silence as possible

counting my breaths

1 .....inhale 2 exhale etc

going into patterns like this

1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 3 4









and somtimes id breath loadly

somtimes i wouldnt breath at all

somtimes i would breath silently

and some moments i would just put my hands over my eyes and try to see a ring

by causing i pressure

a 10:00 i ran upstairs realy quick to take my cymbalta pill and at 10:02 i resumed my meditation without distractions

at 10:30 i stoped my meditation completly to talk to my best friend

and when i was done talking to my friend it was allmost 12:00

i took a bar of soap

and a niddle

and a piece of paper making a psy wheel

and i couldnt move it with my mind

i put a bowl over the psywheel so i would KNOW if it moved it was REAL psychic powers

NOT the wind or my breath

i couldnt move the wheel

and what was saposed to be 45 mins of psy wheel moving attempts

turned into barly 5 mins

and what was saposed to be another 3 hours of meditation and 45 mins of psywheel attempt

turned into nothing

i am done for today

i wonder if i can use a longer needle or a pencle broken in half


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