My first blog post. This will just be some of the things I have accomplished so far, and my progress up to this point. 

First, I will get into tulpamancy. I have 5 tulpae. Well, kinda. I will get into that in a bit. My first tulpa is named Scarlet. The creation of Scarlet was kinda interesting. I started forcing a while back, I can't remember the exact date, but after forcing for about 2 weeks, I started getting response to questions I would ask her. It started as just simple head movements.I wouldn't acctually see her head, but I could feel that she was either shaking her head, nodding, or shrugging. Then it turned into "yes" and "no". Then 3 weeks after I started forcing, she was starting to talk to me in short sentences. Of course, being the young tulpamancer that I was, I couldn't fully believe that she was talking to me. I thought it was just echoing, but about a week or two later, I accepted her sentinence.

Scarlet didn't want to be imposed, so I just kept her as she was. When forcing, I prefer to work on the personality first, then my tulpa can help me with their appearance.

After Scarlet, I started to work on Joseph. His creation was really fast. Scarlet's was pretty fast, considering she was talking to me with full sentences after 2 months. But with Joseph, I started talking to him within a few weeks. Scarlet said that she helped me with the creation of Joseph, that is why I could hear him so fast. Then came Dr. Seuss. With him, I honestly had little input in. Scarlet had began making him with Joseph. After a week, I could hear him and talk to him. After another day or two, Scarlet had made two more tulpae: Irene and Spade. 

So, now with 2 tulpae of my own creation, and 3 more of Scarlet's creation, Scarlet started to create a lot more tulpae that I can count. I do not know how she does it, but she does. I have talked to other tulpamancers about it, and they have no idea why or how it works.

None of them want to be imposed, and I find that a little weird.  

So I have more tulpae though. Feel free to talk to me about them.

Well that is my tulpae progress. I will make posts talking about each tulpae of mine. Well, most of them. And I will get into other abilities and progress in future posts. 


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